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Appreci: Express Gratitude with a Cuppa!

There are many ways to express gratitude or appreciation may it be for a family member, a friend, a co-worker or even clients. One of which is via a cup of coffee. Filipinos love coffee and it’s obvious with the various coffee shops practically anywhere you go. With this new Appreci app, you can instantly send a cup of gratitude with just a few clicks!

Check out the infographics below on what is Appreci is about and how easy you can use the app.

Appreci App
Appreci App
Appreci App

The Appreci app will be fully launched this 2020 with new and various things to be excited about. Soon you can click and click and send out coffee appreciation cups to anyone you wish to thank and they can just FIND, SCAN and RECEIVE their favorite cuppa in one of their fave coffee shops!

To know more, check out Appreci on Facebook at

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    more convenient for everyone ❤️

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