Novellino Wines Celebrates 20 Years
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Congratulations Novellino Wines on your 20 Year-Milestone!

Novellino Wines is celebrating its 20-year milestone and recently held a Thanksgiving event. Two decades as the market-leading wine brand in all of the Philippines, the brand continues to grow and has become a household name when it comes to fine wine.

Did you know that Novellino Wines produces millions of bottles per year? Yes, they are that in-demand and outpaces the growth rate of the wine category, which in the last several years has consistently been the fastest-growing category in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Its modern winery in Laguna, one of the largest in Southeast Asia, is future-proofed with additional capacity to accommodate its continued rapid growth. Novellino Wines’ future is to continue to convert Filipinos to wine drinking and in the process become the brand of choice for everything wine!

Novellino Wines 20 year anniversary

Filipinos love to drink. We drink when celebrating significant milestones. We drink during the holidays and we drink on regular days. A typical Filipino gathering is incomplete without booze.

More than two decades ago, bottles of wine during special occasions are only found on the tables of the rich and popular. Filipinos, heavy on hard drinks as well as beer, made very mainstream by popular breweries of that time, have no taste tor wine. Their tongues are not accustomed to the pale, bitter taste of the nectar and bottles of wine are just too expensive.

But, this is slowly being changed. Now, wines of different varieties are being served in different celebrations, as Filipinos have found a wine that suits their tongue, budget, and has since become very close to their hearts, Novellino Wines.

Novellino Wines Nonoy Quimbo

Offering more than a dozen wine varieties, Novellino was founded in 1999 by Nonoy Quimbo, an avid wine drinker who held executive positions in two of the largest beverage companies worldwide in 8 countries across 5 continents.

His vision was simple – all he wanted to do is to fulfill the unfulfilled aspirations of the Filipino people and wine happens to be an aspirational product – people want to try drinking wine but access, too many choices, and taste were barriers.

“Wine drinking has a perceived degree of sophistication, thus making it an aspirational product. Through the foray of Novellino Wines in the Philippines 20 years ago, we have helped build a wine-drinking culture among typical Filipino households,” Novellino’s CEO and Founder Nonoy Quimbo said.


Novellino Wines goes through lengths to promote wine consumption in the Philippines. Nonoy considers the spreading of the wine gospel as missionary work, akin to how the apostles name disciples by spreading the good news.

Novellino has helped grow the consumption per capita to 0.1 liters to 0.2 liters per year albeit still considered small when compared to the 40-Liter wine consumption per capita of most European countries but is nonetheless a feat for the nation more fond of spirits and beer.

“We have a long way to go, and a huge opportunity ahead of us. As we implement more initiatives to promote the wine drinking culture in the Philippines, we believe that we wil eventually grow the market further.” Nonoy said.

Artful innovation

As it celebrates its 20th year of being the market leader in the winery sector. Novellino vows to continue innovating its products, with the prospect of introducing more aspiration products included in the pipeline.


Part of its innovations is the introduction of Novellino Wines on Tap, which are mobile kegs that will expand brand presence on the premise trade.

Novellino Wines on Tap essentially brings the masterful art of wine tasting closer to Filipino consumers, as they now have a chance to try Novellino Wines without buying a whole bottle at a much affordable price.

With this new innovation. relishing the sweet aroma of the fine wine, swirling the glass to slightly aerate the sweet nectar, and swishing the tasteful and well-loved Filipino-produced wine becomes much easier.

“Innovation has always been a priority for Novellino Wines. We believe that by constantly implementing fresh ideas on products and processes, Novellino Wines will continue to be relevant in the fast-changing Philippine market,” Chris Quimbo, President and General Manager of Novellino Wines, said.

Strong family-owned company


Today, Novellino Wines leads the winery industry in the Philippines, producing and selling millions of bottles of wine varietals per year through its state-of-the-art winery in Canlubang, Laguna.

Built on a 1.3-hectare land, the winemaking plant is equipped with the latest Italian winemaking technology, which is responsible for the fermentation, centrifugation, clarification, filtration, chilling, bottling of quality Novellino wines.

The winery is one of the only of the largest wine production plants in Asia. It is the only winery of its scale in the Philippines and is future-proofed for the next five years, with excess capacity ready to meet the demand for more Novellino products in the coming years.

“Our plant employs a sophisticated technology that is unparalleled in the country. We ere even considered by foreign wineries as a thought leader in wine production, given the intricacies of producing sweet wine,” Nonoy said.

From a small scale business in a 300-square meter space in Metro Manila. Novellino Wines now produces millions of bottles of wine per year, having a presence where Filipinos are, such as the United States of America, the Middle East, and other Southeast Asian nations.

Novellino Wines attributes its leadership position to Nonoy’s vision of turning more and more Filipinos into wine drinkers. The popularity of its wines stems from the fact that Novellino products perfectly jibe with the Filipino tongue, wallet. and reliability.

“Thriving and succeeding in an industry where demand for a product is low is a huge feat for a family-run business like Novellino Wines. We owe it to our customers who continued to support our products and we are happy to have helped fulfill the aspirations of many Filipinos across all walks of life.” Nonoy said.

Nonoy also attributes his success to its management structure, which is duly recognized by the Ateneo Group as one of the best family-run corporations in the Philippines. The family-owned organization is professionally run by family members with a strong educational background. Aside from this, the firm commitment of its employees, who became part of the company during its nascent days up until today, is a testament to how the company values and encourages its employees to become stewards of a blessing of a company.

Novellino Wines has also prepared a succession plan for the future. Chris, one of Nonoy‘s sons, has been installed as the company’s president, passing on the baton to the next generation of wine missionaries.

Novellino Wines Chris Quimbo

Fulfilling more aspirations

“It has become our mission to provide consumers with products that fulfill aspirations, and this may go beyond wines. We are open to exploring the possibility of producing products that have direct and indirect linkages to the wine business, capitalizing on our existing infrastructure to fulfill the unfulfilled aspirations of many Filipinos,” Nonoy said.

This is part of the overall vision of having Novellino become the universal brand name for wines. Today, no single wine brand in the world has more than 1 percent of the global market share. Novellino Wine’s goal is to become a global brand that will help redefine what wine is in the world, similar to what Coke and Pepsi did for soft drinks.

“This vision may be far from reality today, but I am confident that the next generation of wine producers in our family will take on the baton and continue on passing this vision to their children and their future grandchildren to make this grand vision a reality,” Nonoy said.

The next generation of Quimbos will honor this vision of Nonoy’s and remain steadfast in growing the company and unlocking its potential in the global market.

‘Just as our father taught us, we see this business as a blessing and we’d like to pass this blessing on to others. We want to be a conduit of goodness to many people by fulfilling aspiration through the continuous evangelization of wine drinking,” Chris said.

About Novellino Wines

Novellino Wines is an award-winning Filipino winery that has been leading the Philippine wine market for two decades now. It offers 15 unique wine varieties that specifically cater to the Filipino tongue. A family-owned business, Novellino Wines the art of wine drinking to further its vision of fulfilling aspirations.

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