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Words of Wisdom from Past Jollibee Family Values Awards Winners

Generosity. Compassion. Creativity. Love for community and environment. These are but some of the priceless attributes that the winners of the Jollibee Family Values Awards (JVFA) have embodied since the prestigious awards’ inception in 2011.

Every year since, the JFVA has been striving to up the ante, addressing the challenge head-on of making each year’s awards ceremony more meaningful and inspiring than ever before. And what better way than for previous winners to encourage other families through their words and deeds—to create huge ripples of change—as they urge them to go one step further in making a difference in their respective communities.

Take for example last year’s winner, the Manuncia Family who through their ECare Compassion Ministries, provides disaster-stricken areas with trauma and debriefing services.

When asked for insights on how to best instill positive Filipino family values to children, they stressed the importance of “removing the harshness and toughness in the coping character of the next generation.” Specifically, bolstering the parents’ partnership in marriage and parenting is key.

“When the love relationship of the parents is made visible to the children, the warmth this creates becomes a contrast to the coldness there may be in the real world.”

Jollibee Family Values Awards Alegado

For the US-based Alegado family, what drives them to continue with their noble advocacy is not fame nor fortune but the simple things.

“The smiles on the children’s faces and the thankful looks of their parents when they receive those much-needed backpacks and school supplies give us so much motivation. Along with this is the dedication of the volunteers in bringing the Mobile Library to the most remote villages.”

The Felix family, on the other hand, recognized for providing free eye check-ups and glasses to those in need, believes that, “the most important acts that parents can and should do is to impart good core values and foundations to their children, to genuinely live in generosity and to make time to talk to them about it clearly with integrity and love.”

Lastly, for the Dicksons, a family of doctors who provide free medical and dental missions, finding time to communicate and come together in this very hectic world that we live in is crucial.

Jollibee Family Values Awards Winners Dickson Family

“Open communication and bonding together definitely make our family ties stronger. Developing within the family the spirit of sharing, generosity, compassion, and nationalism is also important.”

Overall, for these three noteworthy families, the recognition they received from the JFVA has brought them increased awareness on the plight of others, has made them more conscious of the role that they play in influencing others, and has ultimately taught them the values of humility and giving back – all positive and inspirational takeaways for others to emulate.

The 9th Jollibee Family Values Awards takes place on September 27, 2019. For more information, you can visit or

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