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#CreamSilkTransformations: Cream Silk Modern Filipinas

Being a woman means frequent transformations. Well admit it, can’t be helped lol. But it’s up to us whether it will be a better one or not. In this day and age, we women are better equipped with the knowledge on how to improve ourselves, thanks to technology and social media. Thus, I don’t see any reason why you can’t transform into one beautiful butterfly, even on a budget!

Cream Silk Modern Filipina Heart Evangelista
Photo: Cream Silk

Speaking of transformations, Cream Silk along with other beauty and lifestyle magazines launched the “Cream Silk Modern Filipinas” last Saturday January 23, at the World Trade Tent. It was jam-packed, noisy coz ladies weren’t able to contain their excitement while listening to the different beauty/lifestyle mini talks, it was a huge success!

Cream Silk Transformations Brand Ambassadors
Photo: Cream Silk

I myself was not able to resist the “call for self-improvement” as I jumped from one talk to another. I specially enjoyed, though was not fortunate to pose and have my photo taken by the famous photographer Sara Black.


There were talks from Metro, Preview, Cosmopolitan, Yes!, Meg and Mega which were truly enlightening for me coz at my age, believe me, a lot about beauty and lifestyle I didn’t know or wasn’t aware I could still do, lol.




I’m guilty of having “buhaghag” and “frizzy” hair due to prior bleaching, rebond and constant dyeing. When I use Cream Silk Dry Rescue and Damage Repair treatments, I get instant great results and I love it! To see my hair transformations, kindly read my post – Cream Silk Transformations: Be One of the Modern Filipinas.

Cream Silk Transformations

I was in denial still that I have brittle, dry and uber frizzy hair but when I saw the hair samples above, I immediately accepted the fact that I need to really make some drastic changes and stick to Cream Silk to help save my every day hair dilemma.

We watched, was amazed and I heard some ladies got convinced/converted that Cream Silk is the best when we saw the knotted hair strands once dipped in water mixed with Cream Silk got easily untangled, looked softer and shinier.

Cream Silk Transformations

Lucky girls were treated to a hair and make up pampering. Watched them for some time and you could really say that they transformed into young and pretty ladies from being ordinary looking..


Finally after all the hype with different transformations, time came for the revelation of the new Cream Silk #ModernFilipina ambassadors!

Heart Evangelista, Coleen Garcia, Yassi Pressman, Julie Anne San Jose, Rachelle Ann Go and Nadine Lustre

The highlight of the event was the surprise first appearance in public of our Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach!


People went crazy, shouted their adoration with the new ambassadors and especially for Miss Universe. There were different live cover shoots for the ambassadors for the different lifestyle magazines and a new experience for the crowd, gosh they’re all gorgeous! At that time, I too became a fan, hehehe.

To know more how you can transform and be one of the Modern Filipinas, check out Cream Silk’s webpages below! You’ll also see clearer images of what transpired during the event.

I’m pretty sure you will feel inspired and find the courage to be an empowered woman in your industry.


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