Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018

Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018

Business is no longer just for adults because a lot of kidpreneurs are setting up their own starters and believe it or not, some have made it to the top of the success ladder. I guess children these days are more keen on starting their own businesses in preparation for a stable financial future. And Commercenter Alabang, the premier lifestyle hub in Alabang recently held a weekend bazaar – the Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018 which allowed budding young entrepreneurs to showcase their million-dollar business ideas into an actual business venture.

Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018

The Biz Kids Expo is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that brought together products, wares, and services that have either been carefully crafted or sourced out by young entrepreneurs. More than just a venue to sell and showcase their merchandise, the expo aims to encourage the spirit of innovation, as well as share the value of entrepreneurship and responsible financing to children as young as five to 12 years old.

Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018

“Biz Kids is a start-up incubator for kids where they can learn discipline, hard work, and basic business administration principles. We’re very excited to see how each Biz Kid enterprise will succeed. But more importantly were more excited to see how this activity will inspire and solidify each child entrepreneur’s potential,” said Leslie Tagle-Dinglasan, AVP for marketing of Commercenter Alabang.

Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018

Similar to setting up an actual business, the participating kids at the Biz Kids expo were selected based on their project proposals, the uniqueness of their product/s, and product presentation.

In collaboration with CMA Mental Arithmetic, kid entrepreneurs were taught how to cost products and compute for revenue using basic mental math techniques and an abacus. The La Vie Institute, on the other hand, trained kids on how to present themselves to prospective customers, and initiate good customer interaction.

Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018

โ€œA lot of established businessmen had a head start by selling food and other goods at a young age. Some of their skills, such as interacting with customers and having a pulse for what the market needs, were most likely honed in their youth. That said, children have such a huge potential. They are wonderful innovators; their courage and creativity, should be cultivated to help them reach their full potential,โ€ Tagle-Dinglasan added.

Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018

Exceptional Biz Kids entrepreneurs were given awards on the last day of the fair. These include Most Innovative Biz, Most Visited Booth/Crowd Favorite, Best Booth Design, Creative Marketing, and Sales Genius.

Commercenter Biz Kids Expo 2018

The winners are:

Most Innovative Biz: KiddiEssentials
Crowd Favorite: Sweet Stop
Best Booth Design: Help Me Grow
Most Creative Marketer: Little Ladies VCK
Sales Genius: KiddiEssentials

La Vie Institute Winners
Most Persuasive: Little Chef Nuggets
Most Energetic: Crafty Chicks

Commercenter is a three-building complex that houses an exceptional set of specialty stores and specialist services. Catering to the residents of Alabang and surrounding areas, Commercenter provides a unique destination away from the maddening crowd.

With its distinctive lineup of restaurants, high-quality shops and services, and its well-appointed cinemas, Commercenter continues to be a relaxing treat to its loyal clientele. Visit Commercenter for one-of-a-kind discoveries that are among the best-kept secrets in Alabang.

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