Rainbows and Unicorns

Nowadays, unicorns are everywhere – on the TV, on kids’ toys, on food (unicorn toasts, anyone?) and drinks (although no Starbucks Unicorn frappe made locally available), on our clothes, on our make-up and beauty products, on hair color (hello bleached and multi-colored hair!), on swimming floatees, on unicorn stationary sets (think notebooks, pencils, crayons, school bags, lunch boxes, pillows, story books and even hankies), and even on adults as onesies (do you find it cute?) There’s even a rise in the number of unicorn-themed cafes and restaurants here in the Philippines; where the chairs and tables and even the food and drinks are in pastel colors (the shakes come in pink or purple, the pasta is blue and the burgers are in all colors possible), there are unicorn plushies and pillows for your comfort and some even provide onesies that you can wear. It has become a popular trend everywhere and a symbol of all things mythical and rainbow and girly and swirly; it has invaded not only the kids’ imagination but the adults’ fascination as well (thanks to social media, mostly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).


Well, what exactly are unicorns? They are legendary creatures who look like a horse, but with a spiral and slender horn on its forehead. In myths and stories, they are beautiful, pure-white horned horses with highly magical properties (their powers usually on their horns, mane or blood). But thanks to the comeback of My Little Ponies cartoons, we’ve seen a different take on the appearance of the unicorns – gone are the images of the all-white horses with horns that look majestic. The unicorn trend nowadays is more closely associated with all things cute, magical, sparkly, vibrant, shiny, colourful-haired horned horses.

Is this trend here to stay? Well, that we don’t know for sure. But nothing wrong with believing in a little bit of magic, color, and sparkle to brighten up our daily lives right?

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