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Are you a frequent flyer? Do you sometimes or often forget important things such as passports, luggage or had an accident on your recent trip abroad? I’m sure it was stressful and you had to go through several procedures just to resolve your problem/s.

If you are traveling anytime soon, might as well get yourself a travel health insurance. You’ll never know when you’ll need it but it really pays to have worry-free travels or perhaps, stay worry-free while on the road. It’s surely worth a lot to have that peace of mind whether traveling alone or with your loved ones.

Malayan Insurance Travel Master

If you are looking for a travel health insurance that can give you the satisfaction, protection, and peace of mind, consider getting one from Malayan Insurance Travel Master. It will be your trusted travel partner because it has the most comprehensive coverage which ensures maximum protection wherever you are, anytime!

Malayan Insurance Travel Master

If you’re quite busy and have a lot on your plate, don’t worry because you can buy online! If you want to know more than what you have read on their website, you can also pay them a visit and finish your transaction offline.

Coverage includes Personal Accident, Emergency Medical Treatment, Personal Liability, Recovery of Travel Expenses, and Travel Inconvenience Benefits.

Malayan Insurance Travel Master

In case of extreme flight delay due to a typhoon, other calamities, plane technical troubles, and other unforeseen events, rest assured that Malayan Insurance Travel Master will cover those.

Rented a car abroad and you had an accident, worry not because Travel Master provides free insurance coverage for damage to rented cars, as well as medical treatment and assistance services for accidents resulting from sports activities.

Imagine, fully protected whether you are traveling by air, land, or sea!

Got you interested? Check out Malayan Insurance Travel Master on their website and more updated information can be found on their Facebook and Instagram

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