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Kaki Persimmon Soap Review: Age Gracefully, Flawlessly and Worry-free

Knowing the soap you use on your face and body is important. It can make your skin dry, dehydrated, flaky, oily, irritated, or prone to eczema. Be it liquid soaps, body washes, or bars, reading the label and using the right one for your skin type, can greatly help in achieving your desired results.

For women approaching or already in middle age, aging-related hormonal changes can cause various problems including how we smell. Fortunately, a new soap that empowers ladies to age gracefully has emerged in the Philippines. Nonenal among ageing people is often caused by hormonal imbalance but with a pure soap that cleanses the body, the smell might as well be a non-issue.

Kaki Persimmon Soap

I’ve recently discovered Kaki Persimmon Soap, it’s a new and promising persimmon-based soap that is fast becoming a holy grail for ladies over 40. Well, I guess, now you know that I’m already over that age hahaha.

KAKI indulges the body into a regenerated state, away from unwanted odors, discoloration, and promises to give firmness to the skin. I’ve been using the soap for two weeks now and below I will state my observations.

Aside from the Kaki Persimmon Soap, there’s also the Kaki Persimmon Feminine Foam Wash that also promises skin firming, purifying, and deodorizing.

Kaki Persimmon Soap 2

The Kaki Persimmon Soap is not your ordinary beauty soap because its main purpose is to eliminate nonenal and malodor. Nonenal simply put is how old people smell. You know, that distinct smell of our elderly. We will all grow old, yes, but we can prevent the smell by using this soap.

Basically, you use it as your regular soap, or you can apply it to your bath sponge. What I do is soap my whole body first and create a lather with a wet sponge. This way, I don’t waste the soap.

Kaki Persimmon Soap 3

Next is I concentrate on these areas (in order) to eliminate or prevent malodor: behind the ears, neck, armpits, back of the knees, and feet. I take a bath twice a day and do the process each time.

It’s unlike your usual perfumed soap, so don’t expect to smell like flowers. There’s a scent alright, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyway, there’s Green Tea extract that helps fight age-related skin concerns and Peppermint Oil to give you that fresh feeling while cleansing, purifying, and soothes your skin.

Kaki Persimmon Feminine Soap 0

The Kaki Persimmon Feminine Foam Wash is a first for me coz my usual is in liquid form. Ingredients are natural and plant-based. At first, it was kinda weird using a foam-based feminine wash but the cool and soothing after-feel made me use it again and again.

Kaki Persimmon Feminine Soap 1

It’s coz of the Calendula and Chamomile extracts which gives that soothing sensation. As for the cooling and refreshing effect, Aloe Vera and Scutellaria extract in action. The Japanese Persimmon Tannin is the one responsible for eliminating the nonenal and malodor.

Kaki Persimmon Feminine Soap

Apart from what I said above, this feminine foam wash can help in tightening, moisturizing. hydrating and softening the skin in the vaginal area. So, it’s really a good anti-aging product for your private area!

My usual routine after taking a bath is to apply deodorant and put on some cologne. But, for two weeks now, I chose not to, just to see if my boys will tell me if I smell weird hahaha. So far, nothing of the sort lol. So, I guess these Kaki Persimmon Soap and Kaki Persimmon Feminine Foam Wash are effective!

Kaki Persimmon Soap

KAKI is without harsh chemicals that promise to speed-up skin lightening or exfoliates the skin more often than it needs to.

KAKI’s Founder and CEO share her vision for the brand, “At Kaki, we truly aim to empower ladies to age worry-free. We can keep them flawless so they can have the time and energy to focus on what makes them happy. Our running joke internally is that if you use the Kaki soap, life can begin even beyond 40!”  

Apart from the immediate effects on the body, KAKI also lessens the nonenal on pillowcases and bedsheets of its consumer and detoxifies without stripping the body of its natural oils.

Kaki Persimmon Soap 1

New and promising persimmon-based soap is a holy grail for ladies over 40.

Kaki keeps the side effects of ageing away and assures its users that ageing, like coming-of-age, should not have a wisp of embarrassment but a treasured phase of grace and poise.  

*KAKI is available at Shopee and Lazada starting at Php 160 and foam wash at Php 350. 
* Check out Kaki Persimmon Soap on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kakipersimmonsoap and Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kakipersimmonsoap/

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  1. Lyka Mitra says:

    Mukhang promising po itong sabon na ito lalo na po sa mga nasa age 40’s na po. Kaya highly recommended po ito..

  2. marichugalos says:

    Ang ganda naman niyan mamu. Gusto ko yong mga ganyang product po ehh.

  3. Yheng Avila says:

    Oh secret is revealed! This is why you always look young and pretty mamu. Nice items!

  4. merrynellserrano says:

    Wow nakaka inlove naman itong KAKI nyo Mamu ??mukhang maganda to ?

  5. Rizza Beniza says:

    Wow this persimon product looks promising mamu would love to try it too po lalo na fem wash

  6. yanpaladquisol17 says:

    Ganda naman nito sa skin daming magagandang effects ??

  7. Chriss Tabamo says:

    wow.. Gusto ko din matry ito mamu ??

  8. Rose Bunani says:

    Wow ang galing naman ng product ni kaki gusto ko yan yung mga feeling fresh kapa din kahit ilang taon kana at hindi ka halatang tumatanda. Highly recommended ko ito ❤❤??? feeling ko ito na yung sagot sa mga tanong ko kung paano ba ulit gumanda at maging feeling fresh at blooming everyday. ??❤❤

  9. Yasiriza antiquerra says:

    Dami mo po talaga alam mamu na pampaganda,,hindi pa po talaga ako nakakatry ng mga Ganyan,kaya po siguro ang ganda ganda mo,26 pa lang po ako pero parang mas matanda pa po ako. I’m sure po maganda rin po yang gamitin at effective…

  10. Laarni Tarray says:

    Wow ganda ng result kay Mamu. Kailangan talaga tama yung skin care na ginagamit natin. Kahit tumatanda na tayo at nasa bahay lang kailangan pa rin talaga natin ng mga ganitong Skin Care.
    Self Care- SelfLove

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