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Safeguard Ultimate Flu Season Survival Tips #MalingAkala

It’s rainy season and you know what comes with it – flu, cough, and colds! That’s why my boys and I have started our anti-histamine medications early on. But, I know that it’s not enough. We must double our protection by making sure our hands are always clean because that’s where common flu viruses and germs can easily start and spread.


Did you know that even if you stay indoors, it doesn’t mean that you are safe and protected from the season’s threats? Yes, because you may not know it, but most objects inside your home are already germ infested! And these disease-causing germs love the humid weather which makes it grow even faster!

Staying indoors to be safe from germs – that’s just one of those many wrong assumptions or what we Pinoys love to say – “maling akala”. Sometimes, this kind of belief can lead us to more troubles. Instead of just believing, why not take the necessary precautions and not gamble on your family’s health? It should be our topmost priority even if it’s not flu season.

Last August 15th, I was included in the Safeguard Science Discovery Launch and believe me, it was an eye opener for even an OCD mom like me! The venue was staged like a Safeguard laboratory, with lab coat and eye gear protector as well.

Safeguard Science of Discovery

Behind me were cultured bacteria found in children’s hands and one disc was a hand with fewer bacteria because the child washed his/her hand with, none other than Safeguard.

Here’s a closer look, and remember this image mommies and tell your kids about it! This is not to scare your child but a good way to send him/her a visual message of how millions of germs are in his/her hands and bacteria can be transferred to any object touched and it will spread into another and your whole house will be germ-infested!

Safeguard Science Discovery

The disc in the center which had a hand imprint and still “more white” than the rest was the one washed with Safeguard. These discs were cultured and eventually, bacteria/germs set in within those discs washed with other brands. It only proves that Safeguard can kill 99.9% of germs and can give your child 24-hour germ protection!

Now that you’ve seen how germs can multiply in millions in just a short time, what else can you do to keep your whole family germ-protected?

Be brave and get those flu shots

While it won’t be a hundred percent effective at blocking the flu virus, it can help boost your protection from it significantly. Studies have shown that it has helped lower hospitalization rates among children. Be sure to consult your physician to make sure that you don’t have any existing allergies to the shot before taking it.

Say to NO to junk!

The rainy season takes a major toll on the body’s immune system. Loading up on fruits and vegetables that are known for their ability to boost the immune system is essential. Adding more citrus and greens to your diet can help and is a simple, preventive measure that helps you maintain a stronger immune system.

Catch more Zzz’s

Another culprit known for bringing your immune system down is lack of sleep. Try to get at least 6 hours every night. Not only will your immune system thank you for it, you’ll also feel more energized.

Make it a habit to keep those hands clean

“Typhoons and heavy rains may cause flooding which, in turn, can potentially increase the transmission of water-borne diseases, or diseases transmitted through water contaminated with human or animal waste. These include typhoid fever, leptospirosis, and hepatitis A.” mentioned by Department of Health in a recent statement. These diseases may be obtained by having close contact with a person who is infected or being in a contaminated environment. These illnesses may even be deadly but can be prevented with proper hand washing using the right antibacterial soap.

Safeguard Pure White Naked Bar

Safeguard Pure White Bar Soap is available in 90g (P 25.75), 135g (P 38), and 180 ml (P 48.00)

To lower your risk of infection, the solution is simple: wash your hands. Use warm water whenever possible, and use an antibacterial soap known for its ability to provide advanced and long lasting protection against germs, like Safeguard. Safeguard is equipped with GermShield+ technology which Fights against 3 types of germs-Gram+ bacteria, Gram- bacteria, and fungi and prevents microbial regrowth for up to 24 hours.

Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap 225ml

Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap is available in 225ml (P 80.00)

Scrub and lather well, washing the top and bottom of your hands, between fingers and even under your nails. Avoid drying your hands using a shared hand-towel. Instead, use paper towels or a hand dryer.

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash 400ml

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is available in 720ml (PhP 219), 400ml (PhP 145) and 200ml (PhP 85)

Remember, kids, are the most vulnerable to germs and viruses during flu season. So be sure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather, get them vaccinated against the flu, teach them the importance of eating healthy, focus on maintaining good hygiene, especially through frequent hand washing using a soap that gets the job done right.

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