#VitaCubes #2Good Fun Day

My boys are not fond of sweets coz they easily get Tonsillitis and hate sore throat. The one thing that they eat daily is a cube of jelly candy which is packed with vitamins and minerals – Vita Cubes! It’s their “power candy”, the source of their crazy energy the whole day lol.

Vita Cubes #2Good Jelly Candies

A few weeks ago, Vita Cubes surprised parents and kids with an eventful fun day at Active Fun in BGC. Lots of activities such as photo booth, magic show and games for the children and I’m pretty sure they all had a blast! Food overflowed coz you know kids, they are always hungry especially after a play.

Vita Cubes #2Good Jelly Candies

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete if there are no prizes after each game – Vita Cubes goodies, lollies, popcorns and corn puffs etc! Kids were ecstatic, this was a day of fun, play, games and goodies after all!

Vita Cubes #2Good Jelly Candies

Vita Cubes #2Good Jelly Candies

Been blabbering about the event but haven’t fully introduced the brand. Read on below.

What is Vita Cubes?

It’s a product under Rebisco. A delicious fruit-flavored jelly candy that is high in vitamins and minerals such as Lysine, Zinc, Vitamins A,B,C and E, essentials that are needed by growing children; It comes in 2 pack sizes, one with 5 different flavors per pack and the other individually wrapped jelly candy.

You can give these to your kids as supplements to give them energy boost needed for their active lifestyle. It’s a candy and it’s also their power vitamins that’s not bitter, doesn’t smell like yucky medicine, very colorful so children will be enticed to eat them.

Where can you get Vita Cubes?

You can buy them in local drugstores and supermarkets and available in boxes, individual 50g pack or even singles.

For more info about Vita Cubes, please check their web pages below:


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