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JOHNSON’S Milk+Oats Baby Bath and Lotion w/ Marian & Baby Zia

First time I saw Baby Zia’s photo on Facebook, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes adorable and super cute baby girl, I was smitten! Now, I see her always in the new JOHNSON’S Milk+Oats Baby Bath and Lotion tv commercial and I can’t help but wish for my own baby girl hahaha.

Johnson's Milk+Oats - #IbalikAngFeeling Ng Healthy Skin

I attended the JOHNSON’S® Supermoms’ Transformation event a few weeks ago together with mommies all over the Metro who were willing to help and share the information on how to save skin from being soap-damaged.

At the JOHNSON’S® Supermoms’ Transformation event, its new ambassadors, supermom Marian Rivera-Dantes and Baby Zia, were unveiled. The event showcased how moms can become supermoms by helping save skin from being soap-damaged.

Johnson's Milk+Oats - #IbalikAngFeeling Ng Healthy Skin

In a study conducted by J&J among moms, they were asked to assess their babies’ skin health. Only 10% believed theirs had dry skin, yet, after diagnosis, they found out that 60% of their babies have clinically-visible dry skin. Clearly, most moms are being misled into believing their babies’ skin are in the pink of health. Fact: the resulting after-bath squeaky feeling from using bar soap is already a clear indication of dry skin – even without visible flaking or roughness.

Johnson's Milk+Oats - #IbalikAngFeeling Ng Healthy Skin

“We grew up in a society where that squeaky-dry feeling is the desired feeling after taking a bath. However, more than half of Filipino moms do not know that this actually means that their and their babies skins are already soap-damaged, and it is an unseen battle they are currently facing,” shared JOHNSON’S® Franchise Marketing Manager Bessie Campillo. “As a company who has been at the helm of helping Filipino moms show the best kind of care they can give their babies, we at J&J Philippines are happy to introduce JOHNSON’S Milk+Oats– our best-ever variant that will help address the under-recognized problem of soap-damaged skin among babies, toddlers, and even moms!”

The Transformative Journey from Soap-Damaged Skin to Nourished Skin

During the launch event, Marian, together with the guests, undertook the Supermoms’ Transformation, a Z-shaped activity area designed to help them go from being a regular mom to being a Supermom! The first phase of the guests’ Supermoms’ Transformation informed them of the hazards posed by squeaky-dry skin caused by using family bar soap, visualized by the rapid drop of moisture through the “healthy skin meter”, with the soap being cast aside afterwards.

Johnson's Milk+Oats - #IbalikAngFeeling Ng Healthy Skin

Next they were introduced to the super powers of milk and oats – two potent ingredients specifically formulated to restore soap-damaged skin to its healthy, moisturized state. Demonstrated through a fun, ingredient-catching game, the healthy skin meter was immediately filled up by the power of Milk + Oats.

Johnson's Milk+Oats - #IbalikAngFeeling Ng Healthy Skin

To provide solid, scientific background on the effectiveness of Oats on skin, Dr. Ma. Victoria Dizon informed the guests of its gentle, skin-friendly moisturizing properties ideal for baby and mommy use. For a first-hand experience of the power of the new JOHNSON’S Milk+Oats baby bath and lotion, guests applied the products on their skin, with the healthy skin meter instantaneously detecting the increase in moisture.

Johnson's Milk+Oats - #IbalikAngFeeling Ng Healthy Skin

I became one of the supermoms after performing several activities, a transformative journey from Soap-Damaged Skin to Nourished Skin. Marian went through all the stations too and of course, ended up as Super Yan!

Finally, bedecked with several “super items” (armband, gloves and cape) collected from the previous areas, the last phase of the Supermoms’ Transformation sees guests become Super Moms: transformed by the knowledge of harmful soap experience and the restorative power of Milk + Oats! After completing her own transition into a Super Mom, Marian congratulated all the moms for their super transformation, and related her own eye-opening experiences in the world of motherhood.

#IbalikAngFeeling ng Healthy Skin

Marian and JOHNSON’S® believe our babies deserve only the best kind of care, which is why she and Baby Zia are now the faces of JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ baby bath and lotion to help mothers—first-time or not—become the Supermoms their babies deserve. Let the Super Skin Transformation begin, #IbalikAngFeeling ng healthy skin with JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™

Johnson's Milk+Oats - #IbalikAngFeeling Ng Healthy Skin

JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ baby bath and baby lotion are now available in leading supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores nationwide for Php100.75 and Php168.25, for 200ml, respectively.

It is also available on ZALORA, Asia’s leading online fashion destination. Visit to choose over 1,000 brands and shop with ease as ZALORA offers 30-day free returns, speedy delivery as fast as 1-3 days in Metro Manila, and multiple payment methods including cash on delivery.

If you’re abroad and looking for one of the safest baby soaps, you can also see Kokopax’s top best baby soaps with some great choices.

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