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Healthway Philippines: Dance for a Healthier Way of Life!

If you are aiming to lose weight or just want to stay healthy, dancing your way to a healthier you can be fun too! If you don’t know where to start or need an inspiration, Healthway Medical recently celebrated their 18 years in service via Dance for Health 3. It’s a dance competition among employees not just to promote camaraderie but also set examples on how to be healthy thru dancing.

Healthway Medical Philippines

I, myself, am not fond of exercising but since work entails sitting in front of the computer for long hours, I have to do something to shake off the fat and sweat a little. I found a way thru dancing even for just half an hour a day! Believe me, that’s all i need, lol..

Anyway, this advocacy was a great move for Healthway and even I had fun watching the competition. Dance for Health is already on its 3rd stint and was very successful in reaching their target audience.

Healthway Medical Dance for Health 3

It was a fun yet tough competition because all of the groups danced their best, but only 3 bagged the prizes.

Healthway Medical Dance for Health

During the intermission, I found myself cheering again but this time for Healthway Medical’s corporate dancers. They were not part of the competition but the twerking got deafening applauds, lol.

Healthway Medical Philippines Dance for Health 3

These dancers below from Indak 24/7 danced quite unusual, just because the guys wore heels and the girls wore rubbers, but were really awesome! I wasn’t able to contain myself and shouted, rooted for them. They were the defending champion last time and I was sure they’d bag the grand prize again!

Healthway Medical Dance for Health Champions

Of course there was Zumba headed by one of the judges. This is a great exercise actually and been thinking of joining a Zumba club within our village soon.

Healthway Medical Philippines Zumba

Crowd were really excited as to who the winners were but I bet they already had their picks!

As expected, Indak 24/7 got the grand prize, a whooping Php75,000! Gee, their dance routines were quite hard more so dancing on heels! They truly deserved the main prize!

Healthway Medical Dance for Health 3 Grand Prize Winner

One of the members from the Indak 24/7 group also bagged the Salem Hari ng Tibay award and the group also received the Best in Costume award.

Jox Dance Crew won php40,000 for Second prize and Power Dance got Php25,000 for Third prize.

This has been another successful year for Healthway Dance for Health. I hope they continue this advocacy for many more years to entice people to live healthy via dancing.

About Healthway Medical:

Healthway Medical is the country’s largest network of mall clinics which offers a unique one-stop-shop setting where services of experienced doctors are complemented with complete laboratory and diagnostic facilities.

At Healthway, walk-in patients, major health cardholders and corporate clients can avail of medical services matching the quality of those offered by top hospitals less the inpatient services. Minor surgical operations such as incision, biopsies, circumcision, liposuction, cataract and endoscopic procedures can be done right at the center.


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