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Daily Tips for Conserving Energy

There are numerous things you can do daily at home or work to save as much of the wasted energy as you can. You can take control of your energy in these three ways:

• Avoid wasting energy
• Use energy efficiently
• Use green energy

Although it is good to purchase certified green energy, it is better not to buy this energy at all. Here are some free and low-cost ways of saving energy.

Take Control of Your Heating

You don’t have to pay for heating that you don’t require. Most central heating systems have thermostats. Confirm to make sure that the thermostat is set to the correct temperature, and ensure the timer is configured to heat your house only when you are at home. If you have spare rooms, ensure the thermostatic valves on the radiators in the rooms are set to a lower temperature. Also, ensure you get your boiler regularly serviced so that it keeps running efficiently.

Conserve Energy

Hot Water Hints

If your water cylinder or tank has a thermostat, ensure it is set to 60°C. But if your tank or boiler has no thermostat, ensure that you get it fitted next time the boiler is serviced. Also, the tanks should have foam insulation. But, if you have the older type that is made of copper, make sure it has at least a two-inch-thick jacket. Besides, look at the pipes between the tank and the boiler —they should be insulated too.

Switch Off What Is Not Needed

Many energy solution companies such as Columbia Utilities advise that there is no reason to leave things on if they are not in use. Thus, switch off the lights in unoccupied rooms, and turn off computers and televisions properly —avoid leaving them on standby. Again, most homes have many chargers for phones and other electronic gadgets. Ensure they are turned off or unplugged when not in use. In case you need to keep some lights on all night on a corridor or landing, ensure you use low-wattage fluorescent bulbs.

Load Up the Washing Machine

It is tempting to throw your clothes into the washing machine and press “go”. But, you should wait until you have a full load and not just part load. Also, observe the temperature you are using. Most clothes clean well at lower temperatures of between 30°C and 40°C.

Energy conservation is a responsibility we all have to take. Conserving our energy not only keeps our environment friendly, but it also helps us save lots of money on energy bills.

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