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Tips to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Making improvements to your home is a lucrative thing to do. Not only can you turn the space into an area you enjoy more and more but you can also make improvements to make the space more efficient. Sometimes, you can even make changes to make your home more green, or an environmentally friendly home, which in turn makes it more efficient.

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Here are a few tips to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly and to make it a more greener space.

One simple and fairly inexpensive change you can make is to switch out all your bulbs to CFLs. These bulbs are much more energy efficient and also last so much longer than traditional bulbs. When you switch to CFLs, you are making a green decision and saving money at the same time. The initial investment may be more than traditional light bulbs, but you will save quite a bit of money in the long run. If you do not want to spend the money to replace all your light bulbs at the same time, buy a light bulb or two each time you go to the store. This way, you can slowly change out your bulbs and the expense will be barely noticeable.

Another improvement you can make is to add motion detectors to your outdoor lights. While having outdoor lights on is good for safety, it can add a lot to the cost of your electric bill. If you add a motion detector, it will cause the lights to only come on when motion is detected and then the lights will automatically go off soon after. This can save a lot of money not only on electricity, but on light bulbs, too.

Also, check your plumbing for water leaks. Home improvement is not only about the things you see, but also about the things you can fix. You may not know it, but you might have small water leaks that need to be fixed. These small leaks can add up to a big water bill. While you may think a small leak is not a big deal, it can quickly turn into a big leak and cause costly damage.

There are many ways you can save on energy and using power strips is one of those ways. Using power strips allows you to plug in several things into one spot. When you plug all your appliances into one place, you can quickly and easily unplug them to save on electricity. While it was once believed that you simply needed to turn off the appliance, further studies have showed that actually unplugging them saves even more electricity.

Upgrading your installation can keep your home more green and more comfortable. By upgrading or adding additional installation to your home, you are keeping the air temperature at a more consistent level. When you do this, not only do you stay more comfortable, but you can use your heating or cooling appliances less.

These simple tips can turn your home into a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly space. Not only can they save you money, but they can give you a certain peace of mind, knowing you are doing good things for the world you live in.

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