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Creating the Backyard of your Dreams

Patios and decks are an attractive way to extend living space without completely remodeling your home. Custom patio designs and hardscapes will transform an ordinary backyard into a comfortable and usable space where you can entertain guests or relax on a warm afternoon. The possibilities are endless.

Read below for a few ideas on creating the backyard of your dreams:

Add water – A water feature can add beauty, intrigue, and soothing sounds to your garden. In some regions, it even attracts wildlife. Consider a full-fledged pond with water plants and aquatic life or a simple fountain that splashes and gurgles all day.

Take advantage of your trees – Consider adding a stone patio in the shade of a large tree in your yard. You might include a fire pit and stone benches.

Add a pergola – Pergolas are attractive features, usually built from wood, that add a touch of shade to your patio but don’t completely block the breeze or view. They also make a good base for climbing plants, especially those of the flowering variety.


Add attractive lighting – Well-placed lighting can make all the difference when you sit out on cool evenings. You can light pathways and highlight ornamental trees and shrubs. Outdoor lighting can turn your garden and patio into a magical place at night.

Add a fire pit – There are so many different styles of fire pits and materials to choose from, and you’ll find one that looks natural in your backyard.

Curving edges – Stone or brick patios that have circular shapes with curved edges and steps are quite visually appealing. They give off an informal and more relaxing ambiance.

Patios are not merely a slab of cement in your garden with a few outdoor chairs. You should take as much care planning your patio or deck as you would if you were adding another room to your house. There are hundreds of different patios and decks that you can see online to get ideas. You can select the features that best suit your environment and lifestyle and design a completely unique personal space. Professional custom deck and patio builders will help you with the selection and placement of the features you want.

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