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Tips For Buying Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

When it comes to shopping everyone wants the most value for their money. The idea here is to pay as little as possible and receive as much as possible in return. Smart shoppers know that cheap pricing does not always translate into the most value for your dollar. Something that seems like a phenomenal deal could turn out to be a nightmare. Buyers can find themselves saddled with products of inferior quality or poor customer service.


Shoppers searching for cheap magazine subscriptions are especially vulnerable. Magazine circulation numbers (the number of people who subscribe combined with the number of magazines purchased at the newsstand) have been steadily declining for years. The increasing number of magazine salesman and retailers factored with the combination declining sales has created an environment of intense competition for customer dollars. Sellers competing for the shrinking pool of consumers shopping for magazine subscriptions have resulted in prices that are at an all time low.

In these trying times, it’s hard to findΒ  cheap magazine subscription that can still give you the value for your money plus the entertainment you are expecting. Some if not all, now offer discounts or coupons likeΒ SubscriptionAddiction.com’s recent offering for all Moms with a 15% coupon by using coupon code “mom15per”.Β  There are other magazine categories which are being offered now and will definitely save you some money. Subscriptions for Nursing, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Journal, Fitness and the likes are discounted.

If you are a magazine addict reader and would like to be able to still read about your fave topics, then go for those which offers discounts. At least this way, you get to save a lot, to buy for your next subscription.

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