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Guitar Playing Must Be A Passion

The first time I picked up a guitar was in grade school. My dad used to play one and taught me the basics. I then joined the school’s music club and when there was a chance to play in front of many people, I grabbed the chance. I wasn’t a pro but it changed my life.

Dad bought me a Lumanog guitar, a popular brand at that time. I was so happy and stayed up all night trying new chords of a fave song. At that time, I’d rather stay in my room rather than play “bahay-bahayan” or play house with other kids. That guitar was my life..

Acoustic Guitar

Many things happened after that. I grew up and went to high school. I didn’t get a chance to even touch my old guitar because I was busy in school and new friends. As time passed by and many more years later, I’ve forgotten how to play it. Actually, right now, I don’t even remember where to place my fingers to play even a single chord. Such a pity…

Now that I have kids and my husband is a great guitar player, I vowed to not let the kids lose their passion. They are both into music and play more than one musical instrument and sometimes, I silently cry inside for losing that gusto.

Hubby bought his Corina guitar when he was still single and with his first ever salary. He has tons of old song books with chords dating back to the ’80s lol. Those were antiques, I say! I usually tease him whenever he takes it out from the old chest hahaha.

We bought our eldest a small guitar, one that fits his physique. As for the little one, he has a ukelele and a Paper Jamz, that plays non-stop, lol.. Hubby taught the eldest the basic chords and from then on, went to stringing pop songs. My 4 year old wants an electric guitar, he saw one at the mall and with wide excited eyes, pointed it to me, lol.. Then, he also wanted that big akai apc40 professional controller. He said, “I wanna be a rock musician someday”, lol..

I just hope that in the years to come, my kids will still be playing their guitars. They have this passion I once had. There are times when all three boys (including my husband) would play and I’d be in tears once again. It’s so nice seeing them bonding and I wish it will always be like that.

Photo: Guitars By EM Lumanog

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  1. md Kennedy says:

    I always wanted to play the guitar but ended up playing the piano instead. My step-daughters both play all the time. Maybe they’ll teach me.

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