Exercise Tips For Seniors

Exercise must be included in our day to day living. It’s for every teens, adults and seniors and even babies need some “baby” muscle stimulation so their legs will grow stronger to be able to take that very first step.

As we age, we tend to lose that motivation and energy needed, but if we exercise even a few minutes a day, we can all get those back. If you don’t have any idea where to start or maybe you’ve already started exercising but not quite sure if you’re doing it properly, then read on and see if you can incorporate some or all of the tips given below into your lifestyle.

Make it F-U-N

Exercising need not be boring. In order to be motivated and continuously be like that is to make it lively and fun. You don’t need to stick to the old ways and be so serious about it, that the day will come and you dread waking up each morning coz you know you need to shape up.

Why not do it in your backyard! On some days so you could breathe the fresh morning air and focus on your colourful garden. The breathing exercises can help your lungs and the green grass and beautiful flowers will help relax your eyes.

Exercise Tips For Seniors

The next day, you can walk the dog for a few blocks and the next, accompany your grandchild to the nearby park and you can continue exercising by jogging in place or even a game of catch-and-play.

Aging can be an ugly truth if you don’t tone up. Simple physical activities can help tone your muscles and can add a few more years to life.Β  Low-impact exercises won’t harm or worsen aging joints, instead will help ease the pain and may even delay the stage of achy shoulders, arms, knees and ankles. You don’t want your friends to see you walking around in the mall with a cubital tunnel splint because you broke your arm from carrying just your small grocery bag, right?

Do it with your family or friends

It is a fact that if you do your routines with family or friends, it doesn’t feel like exercising. Why? Coz most of the time, you all will be chatting about some nice old man or old woman who’s new in the neighborhood or perhaps giggling away on some old memories about your youth. It just means that, time will pass and you won’t even realize that you’ve finished an hour of exercising already.

One other great reason to do it with a friend is that no more excuses, that you feel tired or not in the mood etc. You can both give words of encouragement, motivate one another and of course, will be there always to support each other.Β  You wouldn’t want your “old friend” to get mad at you for standing her up, would you?

Do it lightly

As we age, we lose control of a few things such as our strength and flexibility. These are the two most needed areas to work on because it’s essential for seniors.

Exercise Tips For Seniors

Workouts can be done at home or if you feel the need to be with other people, then go to the nearby gym. But any way you feel doing it at the moment, make sure you do it light. Don’t overstress yourself or become confident that you can carry or lift more than you should. You can work on light dumb bells and if you are in the gym, seek the advice of an instructor.

If you’re lucky, you might chance upon gym classes especially geared for seniors. Then it would be more fun coz you’d get to know people of your same age and exchange tips on how they successfully did it.

Dance it away

Exercise Tips For Seniors

Dancing is one of the best exercise for all ages. It’s fun and you are dancing away to the beat of your fave song. When you dance, your whole body rocks thus shaking away excess fat, stress and pain. Of course if you are not used to dancing, initial reaction of your body would be some pain here and there. But that means, it worked! Well, if you did it properly and not too much to cause you excruciating pain. It worked because your system has been somewhat rebooted and your muscles stirred from slumber. Do it a few times a week and you will scoot the pain away.

Swim for a renewed You

Have you seen some not so elderly people splashing back and forth in your local swimming pool? Well, it isn’t a wonder why these people are still strong and a bit muscular!

Water is a great instrument in working out. It won’t have strenuous impact on your knees and joints plus your whole bode will co-exercise with each other. The gentle pressure of water even just walking on the swimming pool massages and tones your extremities. Flapping your arms and legs can relax those tight muscles and massages it’s way to shaping up too.

Structured swimming exercises can also be undertaken by seniors such as aqua aerobic classes that would get your heart pumping fresh blood to your system thus renewing your old cells and relaxing your tired muscles.

These are just some examples of senior exercise activities proposed for those not with faint hearts. If you think your body is not up to it or you may be feeling certain weakness or you have heart conditions, please do not take on any form of exercise lest you have checked with your physician. Better be sure than suffer a heart attack while doing any of the above.

If you have your doctor’s go signal and he may have probably given you some set of workouts already, do follow his advice seriously so you may live longer and healthier.

A healthy body is of everyone’s concern. How to do it and how to achieve the desired results, entirely depends on you. If you choose to workout and be in good shape,Β  continue doing the simple exercises above. You will feel better than ever, in mind and body.

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