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Summer is Near..

We’re in the last 2 weeks of February and I can already feel that summer is nearing. So, what does summer means? Well, for me, it’s vacation time! Less stress coz school will be out in just a month and a half and I don’t have to wake up early to prepare my kid to school. More bonding time with the family and let’s not forget, we can go on vacations!

But, just thinking of summer means it will be scorching hot inside the house and outside. So glad we had our 11 year old LG aircon repaired and cleaned in preparation for the heat. The kids and I have asthma so it’s really a pain when it’s hot. Oh well, even the cold days trigger asthma, so it’s not really just the heat.

Summer is Near

I hope this summer we could go to some nearby beach resort and just bask in the sun and kids go playing in the sand. My little one hasn’t experienced the beach yet, so crossing my fingers here that we could really go.

Oh, and what are the very important accessories in summer? Sunglasses of course! Well, let’s add the sunblock thingy coz it’s scary to get skin cancer these days..

I’ve been looking at some sunglasses online for a few days now coz my old one is about to give up on me,lol.. There’s this site that has many selections of bvlgari sunglasses. Boy, really hard to choose when buying online coz I won’t know if it would look perfect on me. Anyway, such great designs and in variety of colors!

My old one was circle in shape but I wanna try on some new shapes and I found one that might be just the right kind for me. Too bad the site has disabled copying so I’d just describe it here. Well, it has a metal frame and the lens is grey with UV protection. The shape is a cross between rectangular and oval. Love it! Just need to save up so I could get my hands on that.

Anyway, all of us wants to get away this summer. So, do you already have plans? Fill me in and write it in the comment form. I need some ideas where to go so fire it up below!

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  1. EihdraG says:

    Summer is Near..

  2. I’m excited for summer na ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m not sure if summer which means no school will be less stressful for me. I have 5 kids who will be at home and it is quite a handful.

  4. Cielo of Brown Pinay says:

    I think summer will be rainy…incremental ang weather….

    BTW, been here from PMB

    Also, you are one of the few na love ko ang layout ng blog…gandang ganda ako promise.

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

    1. hehehhe.. gift from Mhel yan.. pagawa ka na din ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ay, ang saya nyo dyan MAm Eihdra coz summer is approaching. Ours here is still Spring, its still cold…

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