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Random Thoughts on Health

Last month both my son and I were quite ill and it really hit us quite hard, in all sense of the word. Not only was it physically draining, but also emotionally and financially! I am just glad that we were able to cope with the situation and that we are continuously recovering from it. Having my son confined in a hospital and then being hit by such a terrible virus that led me bedridden for quite some time really gave me time to reassess things and be more mindful about the way I take care of myself and my family.

Besides making a conscious effort in changing my lifestyle and personal habits, such as eating the right food and sleeping at least 6-7 hours a day, I also have become more careful about the way I manage money. Although it is something I have always done in the past, I try to be even more careful now, especially since I know how quickly something like getting sick can cause a significant dent in one’s finances. Nowadays when I go out, I try to avoid spending my money randomly. Instead of buying something for me or my kids impulsively, for example, I go and canvass first so that I am sure I make the most of every hard earned peso I have.

Just the other day, I went and checked out the price of playbook suitable for my son’s age because I thought this would be something my son would enjoy for the summer and as a little price for his performance during the past school year. However, I decided that since he doesn’t really need this gadget, I opted against it. After all, there are still better things we need at the moment.

Health and wealth sometimes go alongside each other. But then, mismanagement of one may result to something unexpected.

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