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Dress Up Like A Hippie

Fashion nowadays just come and go. I’ve seen the ’80s full of bright clothes and yet people played dress up like they don’t care what other folks said. If it’s the “in thing”, they’d go for it like crazy.

Fashion evolves but if you’d really look at the designs, most are “comebacks” from some particular era, just improved and can now be worn without looking like a drag queen,lol.

Take the Hippy Clothes from the ’60s genre. Used to be like clothes of a junkie or someone who wants to achieve eternal peace or that of a seer. Now, people will love the “new versions” and would actually wear one in a party, a date or in some occasions without having to look overdressed or dressed to kill.

Look at this Hippy Dress below. Ain’t it gorgeous?

Hippy Dress

I could wear that in cocktail parties and even in some posh gatherings! I like the purple one simply because I’m a purpleholic lol. What I’m trying to say is that the new Hippie Clothes are way to cool and comfy and not as flashy as it once was. Those skirts in the ’60s with different colours, gee, I still fancy them!

Though, I wasn’t a product of the baby boomer era nor of the hippies invasion, I love wearing old looking clothes but not that I’m as old or will look old in it. There’s something with these hippy clothes that fascinates me. Aside from the vibrant colours that doesn’t hurt the eye, it looks chic.

I saw these kind of clothes in Tiendesitas. In fact, I even bought 3 tops, a flair pants and 1 festival dress. I got to wear those tops on some blogging events. The pants in my dad’s renewal of vows and the dress would have to wait ’til I get a little thinner, lol. I did try that dress when I bought it, but these past few months, I’ve been pigging out because of stress related work so, it woud have to wait *wink*

If you ever get to see these fancy clothes, do give me a holler so I can visit it too πŸ™‚

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