Getting Ready for Another High School Reunion

More than 20 years ago I graduated in high school. Do the math please, if you are curious on how old I am now, for I don’t want to reveal my true age in the blogosphere,lol. It’s as if you don’t know how to count and you wouldn’t be able to guess,lol.

Anyway, enough about my age.Β  Last year, we had a Grand Alumni celebration and boy it was great to see old faces! Some people I hardly recognized, some retained their baby faces while the others remained the same except for the grey hair,lol. It was held in our school’s auditorium and a lot of areas has changed over the years.

We also had a mini batch reunion last November 2010 and it was a success! Well, that was just “testing the waters” because this year is our Silver Jubilee and we are preparing for a Batch Grand Reunion. Gee, I hope we can get all things moving before December.

I’m excited in our upcoming charity work and I’ve already spilled the beans here and I haven’t even posted it yet in our group page,lol.. They’d kill me for blabbing it here hahahaha.. Anyway, there will be a blood-letting and cataract charity event this month and we’re praying that there will be a lot of attendees from our batch. Last December, we had a feeding program and still working on the details so we might have it again this year.

We, as a whole batch,Β  aim to help and serve primarily our city and has plans of reaching out to as many needy and indigent people. Please say a prayer for us so that we may continue to touch hearts.

Since the Grand Reunion is fast approaching, there are many things to do. We, the officers are looking forward to all the help we can get from the members. We’re planning on having our own t-shirts and I wish name plaques can also be given to each member but then that would cost us huge! This will be a memorable event for us because slowly as it may seem, but we are getting there… πŸ™‚

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  1. Getting Ready for Another High School Reunion

  2. Mona says:

    for sure its fun .. good luck!

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