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Purple Makes My Heart Smile #ChooseTheRightHue

I’ve always been fascinated with the color purple. I don’t know why, but my heart leaps for joy whenever I see an object in that hue or when someone gives me a “purple gift”, and it won’t disappoint me even if it’s just a pen and paper. I’m a strong-willed person yet yields at the sight of anything PURPLE. I know I am not alone in this craziness, for there are people who will be able to relate.

Purple Makes My Heart Smile

I don’t know when exactly this fascination started but I remember going crazy over Purple since high school days. From then on, Purple is always the color of my day unless of course, the situation changes it into Red which would mean I’m mad hahaha.. But, Purple for me spells happiness, love and everything beautiful and nice.

Here are some of my stuff in my fave hue. Some are plain purple, some with just a hint.

Purple World

I have plenty of items in purple but I chose the above coz I frequently use them. I love other colors too, but of course, this one stands out.

Purple doesn’t mean I’m weak, so who am I beneath my hard shell?

I’m not an overly sensitive person, but once in a while, I cry.
I delight in beautiful things, but I don’t let it rule my world.
I believe in the power of LOVE, but you can’t just sweep me off my feet.
I appreciate most things, but sometimes I need to be appreciated too.
If I see things in a different perspective, it doesn’t mean we can’t meet in between.
I love helping people, I don’t ask for anything in return.
I am a rational person, but occasionally go nuts over something I can’t even decipher.
I am complex at times, did I mention I am a Woman?

This post got me excited coz I got to talk about my fave color. But not only that. It also coincides with the upcoming “World Egg Day“!

Bounty Fresh World Egg Day event

What do eggs have to do with it? Well, a lot really but do stay tuned for the exciting reveal why a color is important! Hope to see you this coming October 12th!

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