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Wishing to See the Stars Upclose

No, I am definitely not talking about celebrities. I am actually referring to real stars. I don’t know. I just had this idea. I mean isn’t it nice to gaze up to the sky on a clear night just to savor the starry night? I have two boys and I honestly think that getting them interested in watching the stars while they are still young is a very good idea. But I have a problem. It’s not such a significant problem but what I lack could make our stargazing much more unforgettable. Of course, I am talking about that one thing that could make the stargazing experience more worthwhile. After all, it’s no fun to look at the stars when you don’t have the right equipment, something like a telescope.

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I know that scopes are a bit complicated to use. On top of that, these are likewise very expensive. Right now, the money my husband and I make, all go towards the more important things like the kids’ education, food, clothing and shelter. That being the case, I guess my boys and I would have to make do with binoculars. A pair of binoculars is way more affordable than a telescope, right? I have read that a lot of good binoculars being sold, especially those which cater to the needs of hunters, and well, people like me who love to gaze at the stars. I just need to find one that equipped with the very latest in optical technology and is not too expensive.

I am quite positive that my boys and I would enjoy watching the stars even from the windows of their bedroom if we have a functional pair of binoculars. As much as I want a telescope, it’s something I would have to add to my wish list since it is one thing we can’t purchase right this moment, or any time soon for that matter. Better yet, I should start working doubly hard, harder than I am working now, so I can save up for a telescope that performs at top-level. I can only imagine the look on my kids’ face when they see the scope being taken out of its box and when their dad is setting it up already. Just a few more months, or years, and that telescope would be mine. That would make stargazing so much more fun and exciting!

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