Kris Aquino Won’t Last On Pilipinas Win na Win

Yup, that’s what I think. Kris Aquino won’t last long in this kind of set up, and that’s just my opinion. I’m not a fan of Kris but I don’t hate her either. I mean, she’s better off hosting her own game show, alone and not doing it together with other stars. It’s not that I don’t like the other hosts, Mariel, Valerie, Pokwang and let’s not forget Robin Padilla. The girls, I liked them in Wowowee and I think they will do well in Pilipinas Win na Win. But mixing Kris with them, I don’t think so… Kris can do better with her own show.


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I watched the initial telecast last July 31,2010 and two shows after that. The way I see it, Kris isn’t that “bagay” dancing to the tune of the show’s theme song and doing the Ping Pong Pang game. And I saw her reactions when doing those things. Maybe this what goes in her mind while doing it – “Gosh, I can’t believe I’m doing this”!.

I laughed at the thought that though it’s a variety game show, she can’t help but be an “intrigera”. That’s what she was used to, intriguing other people, and she’s great at it. Just after introducing the hosts of the new show, Kris can’t help herself but tease Robin and Mariel and the rumors about them. In the Ping Pong Pang segment, again, being a “taklesa” as she is known, asked one contestant why she’s confused and without batting an eyelash, Kris said, ” Bagong hiwalay ka din ba?”.. Oh boy.. This sudden shift of career for Kris is one hard road that she will travel and I don’t know if she can take it all in..


Photo: ABS-CBN

Let’s face it. She accepted this show to get away from controversies she herself proudly and willingly divulged. So as not to further create havoc and embarrassment to her brother, she thought, a change from being a talk show host to a variety co-host would do the trick and settle the dust.

She’s a Bratinella and I admit, I like her better in “The Buzz” and “SNN”. There’s something in the way she plays the role of a “sosyal na chikadora”. It’s her trademark and no one does it best than Kris. It’s hard getting used to seeing her everyday in a noontime show, wearing casual cloths, less makeup and a non-stylish hairdo. I enjoyed seeing her wear semi gowns as well as talking non stop just to prove her point. Being in Pilipinas Win na Win, takes her one level down from where she used to reign.

Well, the show is just over a week old, Kris’ attitude towards the show might change. She may soon accept the fact that, in order for her to save her brother from being criticized because of her actions, she needs to lie low (for 6 years,lol) and sacrifice her career. Time will tell and I hope the new show will not suffer.

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  1. Kris Aquino Won’t Last On Pilipinas Win na Win http://goo.gl/fb/wYL3g

  2. di nga xa tatagal jan, its not her forte, anyway, give benefit of the doubt, baka mag work nmn…

  3. Lol, let’s hope so or else the whole show will flop big time.. Thanks Jen πŸ™‚

  4. wala nmn tumagal na show c kris eh…lahat d nagreratings.. πŸ™

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