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Hubby’s Home!

He was actually released last Thursday but we decided that he should stay with his parents for a few days. I need to do a general cleaning of the house to prevent infection and besides we haven’t cleaned the whole house for like 5 months,lol.. We didn’t have a maid since April, so the cleaning done was not as general as I want to. You might say it’s so easy to clean a house, oh boy, you haven’t seen our home and it’s quite big. Besides I have a 3 year old who always follow me wherever I go (even in the C.R.,lol), so, how else can I get the job done..

So, the hubby and the little boy stayed in Paranaque, while my eldest who goes to school stayed with me. Since his sisters live within the compound, they took turns taking care of the baby. One reason I agreed on letting the baby stay with him is because the little one has asthma. When I mean general cleaning, every nook and cranny must be cleaned. So, dusts will definitely trigger his asthma, so, off he go with Daddy..

For 2 days, my sister’s maid (I borrowed her) and I turned the house upside down.. This will not happen again in a few months or so and I just wanted to make sure that everything has been cleaned.

So, last night (Sunday), they came home. I never realized how much I missed them both. Sure we talked on the phone, but nothing beats physical presence. After much hugging and kissing, comes endless talks, as if we haven’t discussed those topics over the phone,lol.. I missed my little baby so much and I couldn’t help squeezing him until he can’t breath. Missed my big baby (hubby) too, but can’t hug him tight coz of the

Thank God the surgery was a success! Though the cyst was benign, it was a grueling 3 hour operation. I wasn’t pacing here and there in the hospital room, I was just lying in bed praying. Too much stress just waiting there, wished I was there to hold my hubby’s hand. But I never doubted that God will hold the hands of the surgeon and so with all those inside the operating room, so that everything will run smoothly. When the nurse called and informed me that he was just wheeled in in the recovery room, it was a relief and all stress and tension shaken out!

It’s a great feeling knowing that your loved one is safe and the ordeal is now over. So glad that we didn’t have to worry about the hospital expenses coz of the health card. The bill amounted to more than Php80 thousand, just for a 2 day stay in the hospital. Oh, by the way, the procedure was called a Lobectomy. It’s a removal of a lobe of the thyroid gland and was a major operation.

Thanks to all those who prayed with us, we couldn’t thank you enough..

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  1. silvergirl says:

    Very tough work of a mother! Hope he is getting well.

    1. Aww, thanks girl! ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s doing okay now..

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