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Wellness in a Cup #HealthierMewithBarlico

My morning routine always includes a cuppa of Barlico, be it their 3in1, Cappuccino, Instant Coffee Substitute Granules or Chocolate, I have them all! It depends on my current mood for the morning which variant will help perk my day! I started drinking this 100% caffeine-free wellness in a cup since they first launched it last year and since then I never went back to regular coffee drinking. True that I occasionally go for caffeinated beverages, you know, just to keep me in the loop on what’s hot. But, I always end up missing that certain smell of roasted Chicory which also tastes like coffee but healthier and combined with Barley, makes one great morning drink!

Barlico Coffee Substitute

I used to be a coffeeholic but since I turned in my 40s, it gave me nothing but palpitations and acid reflux. The pleasure of drinking caffeine in the morning was replaced with heartburn and irregular bowel movement. Well, that wasn’t the “kick” I used to enjoy and realized, it’s high-time to look for an alternative.

Barlico Coffee Substitute

I’m enjoying every single cup of Barlico because it gives me that much-needed energy boost for the daily activities plus the high fiber content, loads of vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants create a healthier lifestyle. Its plant-based ingredients are rich in fiber, potassium, folate, and Vitamin B which have been scientifically proven to help lower bad cholesterol, promote bone health, cleanse the digestive system, improve kidney function, and aid in urinary and reproductive health.

Barlico Coffee Substitute

With Barlico, you never have to worry if you will be able to sleep early and soundly when you crave a hot cuppa after eating a hefty dinner. My max for the day when I’m home and working is 3 cups, breakfast – merienda- dinner. Unlike regular coffee that can make you stay wide awake until wee hours, Barlico doesn’t have that effect on me at night. In fact, I sleep like a child and wake up energized!

My eldest son has never tasted coffee before because he’s forbidden. Apart from being acidic, he also has a shunt (tube) on his stomach which could get damaged by strong acids. He also has bowel problems due to Spina Bifida. Thank goodness for Barlico coz he now knows what coffee tastes like though it’s 100% caffeine-free and has regular daily trips to the bathroom because the high fiber content helps. But, of course, his fave is the Choco variant.

Barlico Chocolate

Barlico is so much tastier and if you are looking for a healthy alternative, I suggest you go for this. I personally guarantee that you will love it!

Barlico is available in Coffee Substitute Granules (SRP Php 80), 3-in-1 (SRP Php 80), Cappuccino (SRP Php 110) and Chocolate (SRP Php 120). You may order thru their Facebook page at You can also follow them on their Instagram page at

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  1. pchipeach says:

    Nice 100% caffeine free. Bagay to sa mga mahilig mag kape like hubby q. 4-5x at sya nagkakape pag nasa work..

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