1st Death Anniversary – Remembering Cory..

I was in high school when I first heard about Ninoy and Cory. That was the time when Ninoy was assassinated and of the first EDSA Revolution. Since then, I became a fan of their advocacy for truth, justice and freeing the Filipino people from the tyranny of the Marcos regime.

I was really sad and actually cried when “Tita Cory” died last year. It’s as if I remembered the pain when my own mother died. The whole nation wept for the loss of this great woman who fought against many battles for her beloved country and finally succumb to colon cancer. Just like when Princess Diana died, many mourned her death, thinking that the hope for Democracy died with her.

But God has His own plans for this country. With the death of Cory rises another great leader, her son, Noynoy. He must continue what his mother had started, freeing the Filipinos from the bondage of corruption and poverty. I do hope and pray that Pres. Noynoy can equal or even surpass what his mother has done to our motherland.

In commemorating Cory, a mass was held at the La Salle Greenhills gym. Families and friends gathered together to pay tribute.

PhotobucketPhoto: AP

Also a giant photo mosaic of the late Pres. Cory created by Revoli Cortez was finally unfurled on the grounds of the Quirino Grandstand in Manila which will be displayed for only one week.

PhotobucketPhoto:The Manila Times.net

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  1. 1st Death Anniversary – Remembering Cory.. http://goo.gl/fb/zmOUM

  2. tita Cory is worth remembering

  3. LIFE Moto says:

    OUR HS batch was the edsa baby. so as our batch logo for next year homecoming is yellow.

  4. glad we share the same feeling πŸ™‚ Thanks

  5. hahaha..What a coincidence! We’re also having our homecoming next year and that could also mean we’re of the same age πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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