Here comes the part which I don’t exactly like – Potty Training,lol. I have a 3 year old who is just starting so it’s training time. I didn’t experience this with my eldest coz he has a bladder and bowel incontinence so he’s been on diaper since birth. And this time, boy what an experience! lol..

At first we tried it directly in the toilet bowl with Diego (of Dora Dora), a gift from my sister (Thanks Ate) but it wasn’t successful. We waited and waited until he got tired and wanted to be put down from the throne,lol.. I think we need to put some kind of curtain or roman blinds because I think he was just shy at that time.

One Proud Momma

Just yesterday, using a gift from my sister in law (thank you!), he finally did it! My hubby armed with the baby wipes and me with the camera, jumped for joy and can’t stop saying “great job!” to our son.. I think we won’t be needing the curtain

One Proud Momma

Only last quarter of 2010, we slowly weaned him from drinking in the bottle and in wearing briefs and now this. What could be next? Teeth wiggling?

These are the moments I treasure because I know soon he’ll be off to pre-school and less bonding time when he’s in grade school. Eventually my boys won’t be boys anymore so I’m taking as much pictures as I can to record their growing up and achievements. I’ll be in my 50s in a few years and I’d like to reminisce about how we handled parenting and if my children enjoyed their childhood.

I know there will be more trainings to come, though some of them would be back breaking for me, I’d gladly do it so my kids will growย  better and God fearing individuals.

How did you handle the potty training of your kids? I’d like to hear some ideas that I may be able to use it too.. ๐Ÿ™‚