Gift Ideas for Teenagers

My son will be having his birthday in a few weeks and we still haven't gotten any gift that we think will make him smile.. Well, teens are really hard to please simply because they want it all, no matter what the prices are. They seem to have that notion that if their parents have the dough, they … Continue reading

Delayed Birthday Post

I've been hired for full time and sideline projects, that's why this post is delayed. In fact, I have pending posts in all 5 blogs but still haven't finished what I have started. So, before this month is over, I just need to have this published *lol*. My Birthday was last week and I'm proud to … Continue reading

My Baby Just Turned Three..

There are moments when I still can't believe that God has blessed us with another very loving and sweet boy, Zeekee. I had two miscarriages before he was born. With PCOS and Diabetes, the chances of having another baby was slim. But we kept praying, even my eldest never forgot to include his … Continue reading

Birthday Gift Ideas

On September 16th, my little boy will turn 3. Funny how time flies!  And now he has grown into a hyper active kiddo and a very talkative one,lol.. He just can't stop running and talking! Good thing we have a big house, plenty of rooms to play hide and seek, and lots of free space to ride his … Continue reading