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Idle Clickers and Money Games for Idle Moments

The market growth for mobile and online games is expected to continue in the next few years. This is not surprising with game developers and content providers upping their games with more engaging and challenging content. However, this doesn’t mean that simple games like idle clickers are going to leave the scene. There is still a market for such games and they can be quite engaging, especially for those interested in growing their money. I’ve recently discovered that there are idle clicker money games that can be interesting and engaging too. 

Idle Clickers for Growing Money

There are plenty of games that can teach you about saving money or growing your funds. We are all familiar with the saying that money doesn’t grow on trees which is why the money tree is quite a popular feature in idle games for growing money. The common theme in such games is that your tree bears money given enough time and care. The more you click on the tree the more money you get. Money harvested from the tree can be used to purchase upgrades or boost to generate more money. 

Idle Money Tree Online Games

Idle Clickers for Cryptocurrencies

The use of digital wallets became more prevalent during the pandemic. Thus, it is quite understandable for people to be curious about digital currencies as well. Two of the cryptos that I frequently hear about are bitcoins and NTF which is why I was prompted to try the Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine game.

You don’t need many instructions to learn how to play this game. As the name implies it features a Bitcoin Mine that you need to tap or click to earn bitcoins. You are given a Daily Checklist to accomplish but you may continue to tap and earn after you’re done with the checklist. 

You can increase your earning by upgrading hardware, hashing algorithms, electricity, and mining pools. You’ll also encounter bonuses from random gifts, spin the wheel, and cryptofaucet. I maxed the mining pool first during my first try which made it easier to upgrade the rest of the components. 

After a few minutes, I already finished my checklist goals with BTC 648.35 and continued until I maxed out all the upgrades. The game is quite simple and even kids can play it. At the very least it’ll help them familiarize themselves with the terms involved in cryptocurrencies and use their strategy skills in making the most out of their bitcoin mines.

Idle Clickers for Stock Investing

Investing in the stock market may sound very technical but it can also be so simple that even kids can do it. Although there are plenty of simulation games for stock investing, a simple click game like Stocks can get you started on the basics. You are given $500 at the start of the game and play with it for 30 days.  

The general rule in stocks is to sell high and buy low. Share prices and price graph is provided to guide you in your buy or sell decision. You need to keep an eye on the share prices so you can catch good prices and grab them quickly. This game may not be able to provide you with fundamental and technical tools to actually trade in the stock market it is a good way to get a hang of movements in the short-term market. 

At the end of the game, I was able to earn more than double the initial investment. Challenging yourself to do better than your last game makes this idle game very engaging.

There are other idle clickers for both kids and adults that deal with money, investing, and business. Although it may sound like a boring game for some, it could actually be a fun way to spend your idle moments. You can choose from Best Idle Clicker Games in 2023 and find one that best suits your interest.

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