Cherry Multi-function Electric Wok
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Enjoy and Discover More Cooking Techniques with Cherry Multi-function Electric Wok

Preparing meals requires time and effort, Cherry introduces your ideal kitchen appliance to make cooking easier than ever with Cherry Multi-Function Electric Wok. 

Its non-stick coating on the inner pot produces the proper heat and meal consistency, which also makes cleaning a breeze. You can choose a wide range of dishes for your loved one or oneself including grill, fry, stew, hotpot, and steam. It contains a built-in electric heating base that heats rapidly in just 5 seconds. Additionally, it works well in warming up leftovers and temperature can be adjusted through its digital touch control to avoid over or undercooking. 

Cherry Multi-function Electric Wok

The Cherry Multi-Function Electric Wok has 4 liters capacity and a premium-quality design that would be perfect if you wanted a cohesive look for your kitchen. It also comes with an ergonomic handle for safety, eliminating the risk of burns. 

Take delight in cooking with Cherry Multi-Function Electric Wok for 2,499.

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