Biggest Industries in Vancouver

The Biggest Industries in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the biggest Canadian cities on the West Coast, drawing in a lot of industry and business. These businesses make up the backbone of the Vancouver economy, providing residents with jobs and incentivizing others to relocate to the city. So what are the biggest industries in Vancouver that might make you switch jobs and search for Vancouver homes for sale? Let’s take a look. 


One of Vancouver’s biggest industries is tourism, as it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Vancouver is one of Canada’s biggest and most prominent cities, so it’s no surprise that people love to visit it. Additionally, Vancouver enjoys a great climate and is relatively close to several natural areas, attracting even more tourists. Finally, many cruises leave from Vancouver’s ports, meaning many tourists visit the city to catch their cruises. All of this tourism brings money into the local economy, boosting local businesses. 


Aquaculture is another important industry in Vancouver due to the city’s close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver brings in a lot of fresh fish, supplying the city’s restaurants with delicious seafood. Due to this, Vancouver is one of the best places to eat seafood in Canada, and you’ll find a variety of restaurants selling amazing seafood dishes. Aquaculture is the controlled farming of fish and seafood, and a lot has to go into ensuring aquatic farming doesn’t harm the local ecosystem. Due to this, there are many different kinds of jobs available in aquaculture, providing Vancouver residents with plenty of job opportunities. 


Although the city itself is an urban area, British Columbia as a whole is one of the world’s largest exporters of wood products. Vancouver is home to almost two-thirds of British Columbia’s forestry, making it a huge employer in the region. In fact, the forestry industry employs well over 100,00 people in the area both directly and indirectly. These employment opportunities include positions such as loggers and factory workers, as well as administrative employees at company headquarters. Although new more environmentally-conscious practices are being integrated into the forestry industry, it looks like the industry will remain a key part of the Vancouver economy for years to come.

Biggest Industries in Vancouver


You may not know so, but entertainment and arts are actually a huge part of the Vancouver economy. Vancouver is sometimes dubbed the “Canadian Hollywood” due to the city’s prominence as the third largest film and TV product center in North America. Vancouver offers a similar yet cheaper location to traditional locations such as Los Angeles, making it an attractive location. The entertainment and film industry employs thousands of local residents and brings in many out-of-towners for business, making it a key cog in the Vancouver economy. 

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