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Car Buying Options in 2022

Most people experienced financial setbacks from the Covid 19 pandemic. But even as we start to recover, supply chain issues due to  Covid lockdowns still haunt us. That plus the oil crisis caused by the Ukraine conflict threatens to raise the prices of basic commodities including cars or transportation. For aspiring car owners, this is a challenging but not impossible situation. It’s basically browsing through listings and calculating car payments to see if it fits your budget. You can narrow down your car buying options with these car categories.

Hot and Latest

Life may have been on a lockdown for some time but there is no stopping you from wanting the latest car models around. If you’ve got the money for it then check out the hottest cars in 2022.  You’ll find the usual lux and hot cars like Maserati, Ferrari, and Porche along with Formula One cars on that list. But there are also options for your everyday SUVs, 4x4s, saloons, and electric cars. Since the car manufacturing industry is also hit by supply chain issues you may need to wait a bit before getting your hands on these hot babies.

Brand New but not the Newest

You don’t always have to go for the latest models because last year’s model may be a better fit for you and your needs. The nice thing about cars that have been around for a year already is that you get feedback on their performance from actual users. This will give you a better idea of how the car fits your needs and resources in terms of maintenance and ownership costs. If you’re looking for affordable new cars for 2022 then here are a couple of models for you to browse through.

Hatchback and Minis. Compact vehicles are a good choice for a first vehicle simply because they’re some of the cheapest in the market. For instance, a Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback is only around  $15,925 in the US.

Sedans. If you want more room in your car then go for sedans. There are classic models that are perfect for young professionals as well as those who are planning to start a family. The Toyota Corolla is one of the most practical Sedans that you can find. Not just because of its price tag but also for its reliability.

SUVs, Mini-Vans, and Trucks. These in-demand vehicles are definitely more pricey than your traditional sedan. The Hyundai Venue is said to be one of the cheapest you can find and it fetches more than $20,000. 

Seconds but Still Good

According to the Kelly Blue Book prices for both new and used cars in the US have increased since April this year. But the financial setbacks along with the shortage of inventory in new cars make it easier for people to turn to used cars instead. Sticker prices for used cars are definitely lower than brand new ones. As such they are at the top of the car buying options for people on a budget. However one must be careful in buying second-hand cars to make sure they’re not getting lemons. Look for CPO or Certified Pre-Owned Cars to make sure that the vehicle you’re buying has passed inspection.

You can go straight to and start working on your figures if you like. While you’re at it check out their arcade and have a bit of fun while pondering on your numbers.  Nick Racing Stars should get you warmed up in getting behind the wheel.

Nowadays affordability is a prime factor in buying a car. We are not just talking about sticker prices here but also car ownership costs like fuel, maintenance, and repairs. This is why you need to calculate fuel costs along with your car amortization and regular dues before making a car buying decision.

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