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What to Know Before Booking a Celebrity for Your Event

Booking celebrities for events is the new fun way to boost your party up a level. From hiring popular actors to mingle at your party to finding musicians to perform and putting on a mini-concert for your guests: it’s awesome to have a little star power behind your event.

What should you expect from them, though? Are they as high maintenance as some people make them seem, or are they easy to work with?

These are the top things to know before booking a celebrity for your event!

They’re Not as Unreasonable As People Act

Although it’s common for people to assume that all celebrities are prima donnas: you shouldn’t fall for this! Many professionals like Adam Wylie understand that this is their job, so when they attend an event, they’re respectful and follow whatever guidelines you request of them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find a random oddball that demands that you sort out all green m&ms for them, but that’s not extremely common.

You Need to Have a Smart Budget

Most celebrities charge based on their popularity to ensure they get what they’re worth. This keeps them from overbooking and ensures that they’re able to take the time away from other engagements that might pay them more competitively otherwise.

Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to save up a good amount of money to afford many celebrities. If you can’t afford an A-list act, there’s no shame in that. Seek out celebrities you adore that will make your party even better for guests!

Adam Wylie

Be Clear On What You Need From Them

Some feel uncomfortable setting needs and wants from a celebrity: but remember that you’re hiring them for this event! It’s okay to set things like what wardrobe is appropriate or when you want them to perform to ensure they’ll be the best match for your event.

Of course, if you like them enough and they’re the main drawing point of your party, you might want to let them do whatever they want: but this isn’t necessary to hire them.

Follow Their Guidelines or Requests

Most celebrities will have requests that you should follow to offer them a good experience working for you. This could mean following their request that nobody posts about them on social media until after the function is over or that you offer them a private space to sit and breathe when they need to. Still, generally, you should follow any easy requests like this.

Some performers may not want to mingle when they’re not performing, and it’s okay to discuss this beforehand so that you know what to expect! After all, this is their job- you should respect their boundaries.

You Can Change Your Party With a Celebrity Guest!

The right celebrity can completely change the mood of whatever party you’re throwing. So whether you hire an A-list singer or some lesser-known soap opera performers that are popular within your friend group: make this a party nobody will forget about!

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