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Start the year right with BEAR BRAND TIBAY-nutrients!

Every year, we make our New Year’s Resolution and I’m sure, you’ve always included good health for the whole family. That’s why here’s another post to give you some more tips on how to achieve it.

Drinking beverages with health benefits has always been a must for all ages. Milk for example must always be included in breakfast meals or with snacks. That’s why this year, even if my kids are already nakukulitan with me, I always remind them to drink milk in the morning to give them the much-needed energy and nutrients at the start of the day.

Bear Brand is one milk brand that can help start your year right with TIBAY-nutrients and is perfect for the whole family. And you can get exclusive deals on bundles on Shopee this January 28!

BEAR BRAND Fortified Choco Powdered Milk Drink

Bear Brand Choco

My boys’ love this Bear Brand Choco Milk Drink because you can really taste the chocolatey goodness in every glass! It gives them extra boost in energy for the whole day plus it has jampacked nutrients to help them achieve proper growth.

BEAR BRAND Fortified Powdered Milk Drink

Bear Brand Fortified Milk

The original powdered milk drink na sarap na sarap papakin bago kanawin or itimpla hahaha.. It’s full of Tibay ng Katawan nutrients with 100% Vit D, Protein and Calcium as well as Tibay-Resistensya nutrients with 100% Vitamin C, Iron and Zinc.

BEAR BRAND Adult Plus Milk Powder

Bear Brand Adult Plus

Hubby and I are trying out this Bear Brand Adult Plus because as we grow older, we also need proper nutrients and this is a supplement that we most welcome to drink every single day. It can help fight sickness from Micronutrient Deficiency, Iron Deficiency, and Anemia.

What you can get from this Adult Plus Milk:
– 100% B-Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12) for Lakas
– 100% Vitamin C for Immunity
– High Source of Calcium and Vitamin D
– High in Iron and Zinc

Bear Brand has been a household favorite for many years and continuously improving each formula to suit the needs of children and adults alike.

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