I Like Wearing Rainbows written by Agay Llanera with images by Lui Manaig

The Book “I Like Wearing Rainbows” Opens the Conversation about Inclusion

How can we teach children about sensitivity and inclusion? Storytelling is a good start, with the aid of I Like Wearing Rainbows, the newest title available at www.lookingforjuan.com. The hardbound book is a vibrant read, thanks to the moving words of Agay Llanera and touching art by Lui Manaig.

 “I wanted something that wasn’t preachy but conveyed the message that children are allowed to experiment and break stereotypes. I wish readers can gain a different perspective after reading this story. I hope that the next time they encounter a child who does or likes something outside the gender stereotype, they will not be quick to judge,” says Agay.

A peek inside I Like Wearing Rainbows (4)

“I would like this to be a step towards starting the conversation at an early stage because kids need their parents to accept them, the parents should be the first. And I hope parents will also teach their kids kindness and inclusion, to be careful with their words and not judge those who are not like them,” Lui articulates.

I Like Wearing Rainbows may be purchased for P1,200 at www.lookingforjuan.com. Every sale is matched by a donation of books to two Filipino kids in disadvantaged communities through the store’s Buy-1-Donate-2 program.

I Like Wearing Rainbows written by Agay Llanera with images by Lui Manaig

Looking for Juan was created in 2019 with social responsibility at its core. It aims to promote public appreciation for Philippine art and culture, and champion children’s literacy. Every item purchased from the online store gives back. Some of the storybook titles that Looking for Juan carries include Silim: Prinsesa ng Dilim by Mark Joseph Bacho, Why Words Matter: Why We Read and Why We Write by Butch Dalisay, The Rocking Horse by Becky Bravo, Mga Munting Patak ng Ulan by Jessica Olmedo, Si Ponyang at ang Lihim ng Kuweba by Melvin B. Atole, Ang Anghel ng Santa Ana by Josephine de Dios, and Ang Aklatang Pusa by Eugene Evasco.

For more information about products or partnerships with Looking for Juan, email store@lookingforjuan.com. For updates, follow @lookingforjuan on Instagram and Facebook.

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