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Guide to Setting up a Home Office

You have decided to say goodbye to your work office to start working from home, what do you do, to set up a good home office? Working from your house does offer you total control of your schedule. Sitting on the couch with your laptop reduces your productivity in addition to hurting your back. Therefore, it is essential to have a home office set up. With the simple guide below, it should be a smooth procedure on how to stay productive while working from home. 

What work will you be doing?

The first step is to consider the work you will be doing and what it will require. Consider your clients, whether you will have conference calls and colleague visits. Also, know the time you will be working and the kind of equipment you will need. Once you have that figured out, consider a room with a window that lets in a lot of natural light.

Assess the noise level in and around your home

You want to work in a quiet and relaxed surrounding. This criterion will mean avoiding the noisiest part of your home, such as your children’s playground. Select a space where your neighborsโ€™ music, traffic, and construction noises are at the most minimal.

All Seasons Roof

Setting up the home office

Select a paint that blends with your taste. Since you will spend a lot of time in your workspace, you want a place you will like walking into every day. Pick a colour that causes you to be calm and focused. Researchers say that blue and green colours are naturally serene colours. Other homemakers say that red colour for a salesperson increases your heart rate. The colour yellow can also increase your ability to focus.

Pick a good office chair.

It is tempting to use your kitchen plastic chair or stool. You want an ergonomic desk chair. You will be sitting on a chair all day long. This is to avoid poor posture and back pain. You can also get a standing desk if you desire to avoid sitting.

Consider an office lamp.

Lighting is essential for a workspace. Other than natural lighting, task lighting will benefit you to be able to accomplish specific tasks that require you take notes or read something outside of your computer screen.

Work-at-Home office

Position your computer and other hardware properly.

Since you will be staring at your laptop all day, it is crucial to consider the position of your computer. Specialists advise that the top of your computer screen should be set at eye level. This position will make your eyelids close naturally and moisten or prevent your eyes from tiring. Moreover, keep your feet resting on the floor or another surface. Your forearms should also be level with the desk and the floor. You will also need additional hardware such as printers, scanners or a telephone. Correctly positioning them will make work easier and comfortable for you.

Add a plant to your home office (Optional).

Greenery can be beneficial to you. Plants have a calming effect on people and can reduce stress from work. Houseplants reduce drowsiness and headaches. A simple fern or vine or a plant that requires little attention will brighten your office. With these simple steps, your home office setup should be easy.

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