Yacht Club Look

A Guide to Achieving the Yacht Club Look

Summer is almost here, and many people can’t wait to make the most of the return to warm weather. Donning the perfect threads and accessories is an integral part of blending in, and there’s no better way to do that than sporting the classy yacht club look. It’s a fun way to take part in the bright summer outdoors, and there are several ways to achieve it for a nice night out with friends at the local beach restaurant.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are perfect for thrilling aquatic activities this summer. Designed with recreational boating in mind, these shoes let you explore the seaside from the comfort of the boat deck. Their non-marking rubber soles usually leave no spots on surfaces, and they provide sufficient traction to prevent slipping on wet or slippery surfaces.

There are different designs for everyone’s style, including everyday sneakers or loafers to bring to the swimming pool or seashore. You can’t go wrong with bright tones or some chic and timeless nautical colors. Boat shoes provide added comfort with shock-absorbing heels for your protection when walking or running. Their classic leather or suede uppers give a soft feel, elevating your outdoor experiences.

Classy Glasses

The proper eyewear is just as important as the shoes you sport on a hike, beach, or a restaurant. Whether you wear it for better vision or fashion, a new pair of stylish, eye-catching glasses can refresh your look and elevate your outfit. They can add sophistication to an otherwise plain outfit. You can even stand out by matching the eyeglasses frame the rest of your outfit.

To make a unique fashion statement, consider designer brands like Gucci glasses to match other accessories easily. They will stand the test of time so that you can wear them every boating season. Gold necklaces or colorful headbands are an excellent complement to the perfect glasses for a yacht club look.

Unique Cover-Ups

Consider enriching your boating wardrobe with versatile cover-ups for a different day or night occasions. There will be moments on the sun deck, boardwalk, or by the pool when you’ll need something to throw on quickly. The right cover-up can complete your yacht look and provide a little extra protection from the sun or the cold breeze in the evening.

Elegant cover-up options include chiffon tassel, which you can wear to beach parties and stay cool on a hot summer day. A flowy maxi dress is also boat-appropriate and can provide additional coverage while giving you a chic look. Consider bringing a throw-over long-sleeved tunic to help conquer any breezy outdoors without losing your sense of style. 

Yacht Club Look

Pastel Shades

Class never goes out of fashion, which explains why pastel shades are trending once again. These hues look great on any modern outfit, and the preppy style they offer fits in with the yacht persona.

You could select a single color or a combination of pastel shades like turquoise, purple, and mint green for your outfit. Either way, you’ll create a sweet and soft look for your spring/summer dinners or walks down the street.

Accessorize with pastel outfits to complete your yacht club look. Having a pink cardigan to wear on those cold or breezier spring evenings is highly recommended. A pastel peach bucket bag, dark glasses, and a denim jacket are also worth incorporating into your summer wardrobe.

 Night Attire

Preparing your night attire will be useful when you need to transition from a day to night look quickly after being out on the water all day. Consider bringing versatile pieces that suit both occasions with little change necessary. If you wear a maxi slip dress to the beach during the day, you can play it down with an oversize jacket for a dinner date.

A sleeveless mini dress can similarly transform into a night outfit when you introduce a cover-up. For convenience, ensure you pack lightweight skirts or dresses wherever you go. This way, you won’t have to haul around a large bag all day. 

 Yacht Club Look

When summer beckons, it’s time to spruce up your wardrobe and get ready to explore the great outdoors. Whether dining out with friends or out sunbathing on the beach, a stunning yacht club outfit will make you feel and look the part. Sporting the perfect gear head to toe can be a fantastic part of your summer adventure.

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