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Will I Need a Lift for Smaller Implants?

The modern-day breast augmentation procedures achieve the best results for improving the size, symmetry, volume, and profile of your chest. It is effective in bettering how your breast appears hence boosting your self-esteem and confidence when around other people. Although implants put in for breast enhancement stay in place for over 25 years (this varies) with no problems, sometimes you may need to downsize the implant.

Probably you’ve dropped a few pounds over the years and it’s making your breast look unproportioned. While you might have fallen in love with your new breasts for years, their appearance may change, making the implant feel bigger than your body. You will need another surgery which is breast implant replacement procedure where you switch the big implant for a smaller one.

But the question that crops in your mind after deciding you want smaller implants is, ‘Do I need a lift too?’ Fact is, over time, the skin around your breast has stretched and you need that touch to give your chest a younger look. A mastopexy should help reposition the breast while removing that extra skin so they can fit in a bra or swimsuit.

So, do you need a breast lift during an implant replacement procedure?

In case you want the size of your implant reduced, then you should know that a breast volume reduction also has to take place. This will help in correcting the loose breast tissues and the surrounding skin. This is because the sagging parts will not naturally contract so your chest looks smaller and lifted. You want the areola and nipple to be in proportion with the smaller implant so it doesn’t look weird.


To address these problems, you will need to undergo a breast lift procedure where the surgeon will get rid of the extra breast tissues while making the skin tighter. This should make your breasts smoother and firmer since the shape and size are both proportional to your entire body. The surgeon should also be able to correct the nipple so they are in optimal proportion with the rest of the breast.

You ought to know that a substantial downsize calls for a breast lift and so, the smaller the implant size, the more likely the surgeon will recommend the procedure. This means that opting for implants that are a little smaller might not call for a lift since the skin may retract to achieve a natural appearance. If you’ve previously had a breast augmentation along with a lift, you probably won’t need a lift or if needed, it’s just minimal.

The only downside with the option of a breast lift is that you will have more scars. This, however, seems like a small price to pay for the gorgeous breasts that features a youthful shape and ignores the biological clock that causes them to sag. How experienced your surgeon is and the techniques he will use will determine the final results of the lift.

Why choose the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami for your implant replacement needs?

Different patients describe varying experiences with the first breast augmentation procedure, which is likely the case with the second procedure. When doing plastic surgery, even the most experienced surgeons find the secondary procedure a lot more difficult to conduct than the initial one. Therefore, you need the skills of a renowned surgeon to help you get that beautiful pair of breasts you desired.

You will need to detail the size of the initial implant and how long you’ve had it in place. The surgeon will study your anatomy and the breast size you desire to determine the technique that best suits you. As a result, you need the skills of a reliable surgeon who will pick out just the right implant size to help your breast appear smaller.

You no longer have to be dealing with that loose skin and big implant that makes your chest appear larger than you want. We have the most renowned surgeons who have performed successful breast revision surgeries as you will see in our gallery. We recognize that each patient has varying needs, and therefore you will want to view before and after images of a previous patient with the same needs as you. This should help you choose the right implant size you want so you don’t go back under the knife too soon.

Who Can You Trust with Your Breast Augmentation Revision Needs? Dr. Jason I. Altman is one of the best cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation in Miami, FL. He is among the few professionals honored with an invitation to be the Jerome P. Webster Fellow with Interplast. He is Board Certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology. These are the leading bodies tasked with the role of accrediting reliable plastic surgeons in the US. He has successfully conducted other procedures too including liposuction and abdominoplasty. Dr. Altman also has a reputation in safely and successfully performing rhinoplasties for both cosmetic and functional purposes. You can trust his skills as he will help you achieve excellent natural-looking results for all revision and reconstructive surgical procedures.

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