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Cognitive, Emotional, and Social Benefits of Playing Online Games

Video games have gone a long way from simple one or two-player games to complex team games as featured in e-Sports. Yet some of the classic games like Pacman, Battle City, and Donkey Kong are still around. Kids, teens, and adults today can easily get their dose of fun from these classics along with the latest editions of online games.  But did you know that playing video games can also have cognitive, emotional, and social benefits?   

Cognitive Benefits

Online games and video games could help improve memory, brain function, and growth. These games can provide you mental stimulation at different levels. For instance, in the game of Tetris, you get to test your spatial skills in rotating and placing the blocks in their rightful place. You also get to test your problem-solving skill in removing “gaps” in your stack. In the case of adventure games like Super Mario, you get to practice your memory skills in remembering where the power-ups are or stages where a surprise enemy might appear. It also allows you to strategize on how to defeat the enemy and choose the best path to win.

Video Games Online

Emotional Benefit

One of the main reasons why people play online games is to deal with boredom. There are a wide variety of fun online games to make sure that you will never be bored while playing. Unfortunately, this can also have a negative effect on kids because some games can be addicting. But this doesn’t also mean that kids should be deprived of the positive gains they can get from playing. Just like with most things in life, moderation should be exercised in these play activities. Aside from alleviating boredom, video games can also provide relief from stress or anxiety. This is also why these games aren’t just good for kids but for adults too.

Social Benefits

Simulation Games

One thing that we discovered during the pandemic is that online interaction or socialization can be as real as personal interaction. Although one may argue that nothing can replace face-to-face interaction with peers. Nevertheless, social skills are still applied and can be developed when interacting with other kids online. In this aspect, playing online video games can even help those who are shy or socially anxious in developing their interpersonal skills. Multi-player games can also foster teamwork and healthy competition among peers. Something that kids can use when they get older and become a member of the workforce.

3D Tangram Playing Online Games

The benefits of playing video games don’t just apply to kids. The wide range of variety and complexity make these games appealing to players of different age groups and skill levels. You also don’t have to spend on it because there are free online games available for you. If you love puzzles then you can try this 3-D Tangram Puzzle from plays.org. It’s got several levels to choose from so you can also test your puzzle skills. Time management, role-playing, and simulation games are also fun options that you should try. Regardless of the game you choose, you will definitely reap the fun benefit of these games.

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