Thermal Spray Technology

Top Benefits of Using Thermal Spray Technology

The type of technology used in coating a material plays a significant role in its appearance, durability, and quality. Using thermal spray technology has a lot of benefits attached to it. It is the major coating technology used in coating vehicles, ships, aircraft, pumps, food machinery, machine tools or parts, and trains.

Some people do not know what heat spraying means and this can make them confuse it with other materials. Thermal spraying is a type of engineering technology used to restore or improve the appearance of a material. It is a systematic process that involves coating the surface of a material with semi-molten or molten droplets in wire or powdered form.

The droplets used in thermal spray technology are deposited on the material with the aid of a spraying system. Examples of these spray systems include plasma, arc wire, cold gas, flame, and High- Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF). Furthermore, the type of material determines the type of spray system that will be used. So, there is no one-thermal-spray system for all coating materials. 

In this article, we will do a quick review of the benefits of using heat spray technology. Please read on as we explain more.

Thermal Spray Technology

What are the Benefits of Using Thermal Spray Technology?

The following are some of the advantages of using thermal spray technology:

Prevents Wear

Materials wear out after some time. This could be as a result of several factors like quality or the way it is handled. This wear and tear can be reduced with the use of heat coatings. With this, the coating covers the surface in a way that prevents friction inside and makes the material remain strong.

Improves Durability

The quality of any material goes a long way in influencing the lifespan of that material. Whether it is plastic, steel, bronze, or copper, no one will want to purchase something that would not last long. Materials made with heat sprays have a long shelf-life and can be renewed at any time. This explains why most metallic and heavy industrial equipments made from thermal technology are strong and long-lasting.

Enhances Electrical Conductivity

Thermal technology is closely related to the use of heat. This makes it possible for the material to conduct and transfer heat or electrical charge. Consequently, the material is usually fast, reliable, cheap, and easy to use as an electrical conductor.

Builds Chemical Resistance

Some chemicals can harm any material they get exposed to. This may not happen at once but over time it can affect the appearance, color, and durability of the material. Heat coating can help materials to build a strong resistance against these chemicals and help them remain in good shape. If you need more information about how chemicals affect materials, you can visit:

Aids Repair and Renovation of Materials

The use of heat in coating materials can also be used for renovation and repair. For instance, if your car looks old, using a thermal spray could give it a new look. In the same light, thermal systems, or processes like High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) are used to apply protective coatings on materials. So, it provides a suitable alternative for refurbishing and rebranding materials.

Prevents Corrosion and Rusting

As stated earlier, chemicals can hurt materials. Therefore, when there is a chemical-resistant coat on it, it will be difficult to rust or corrode. With this, you do not have any reason to fear because the surface is fully protected.


Surprising as it may seem, heat coating is cost-effective. It is cheaper to repair worn-out components or renew some materials than buying a new one. Through this, you can also get second-hand machine parts that can last longer. You also get to save money as well as, get maximal value from the one spent.

Versatility and Multiplicity

Thermal spray technology is not a one-directional technology. It can be used in different sectors ranging from transportation, aviation, mining, food processing, health, engineering, and construction. This makes it user-friendly as it can be used to meet different needs.

Thermal Spray Technology

Helpful Tips to Consider Before Using Thermal Spray Technology

Here are some helpful tips for using thermal sprays:

  • Research about thermal sprays
  • Have a good knowledge of the appearance and types of materials.
  • Understand the processes involved in the preparation of substrates.
  • Seek advice from heat spray experts.
  • Be fully acquainted with the spraying techniques.

These are some of the helpful tips to consider before you set out to use heat coating. Additionally, if you need more information on the different types of heat spray technology, you can check here.


There are several benefits to using thermal spray technology and we have outlined some of them in this article. It is important to know the properties of any material before applying heat to it. This will serve as a guide when manufacturing a strong and durable material.

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