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AIA PHILAM LIFE: Comprehensive Health Protection for Every Filipino Family

If there was one thing we learned from 2020, it’s making sure that health is a top priority. The rising number of cases and deaths caused by the pandemic served as a wakeup call for Filipinos to safeguard their family’s wellbeing.

In a recent online event held for the media, AIA Philam Life tapped its protection ambassadors Gary Valenciano, his son Paolo Valenciano and wife Sam Valenciano, to share their personal stories of protection and the importance of passing on the legacy of protection to the younger generation.

Protection is at the core of AIA Philam Life’s mission—to race against risk and protect every Filipino family and empower them to live healthier, longer and better lives. In fulfillment of this mission, AIA Philam Life launched innovative products within the last two years, referred to as the Protection Trinity, designed to help address the basic protection needs of Filipinos: life, critical illness, and medical.

AIA Philam Life Gary Valenciano

AIA Critical Protect 100 was launched in 2019, providing coverage from 100 critical illnesses, from age 0 to 100. Within the same year, AIA All-In-One was introduced—an affordable non-participating whole life insurance plan which provides financial protection from death, accident, disability, and critical illness, offering comprehensive and guaranteed protection benefit against risks (including natural calamities and riding public transportation) that may be experienced now or in the future.

Last year, the trinity was completed with the launch of AIA Med-Assist, designed to help manage the financial burden of Filipino families due to unexpected medical expenses. AIA Med-Assist bridges the expense gap between HMO and life insurance coverage to ensure savings remain untouched despite hospital confinement for more than 12 hours.

AIA Philam Life

To further strengthen its Protection Trinity portfolio, AIA Philam Life recently launched the newest addition, AIA Health Cover, a peso-denominated variable life insurance plan which provides all-around health and critical illness protection. Tennyson Paras, AIA Philam Life Head of Products, explains, “In developing AIA Health Cover that offers comprehensive health and protection benefits, we give Filipinos a product that can cover them in case they are diagnosed with any of the 91 critical illnesses or get benefits like a daily allowance if they are hospitalized for at least 24 hours.”

Leo Tan, AIA Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer, shares the rationale for the development of the Protection Trinity portfolio, “With the huge protection gap in the country coupled with the low insurance penetration rate, there’s a lot of work to be done in the fulfillment of our mission of racing against risk, and developing the Protection Trinity products was one of the best ways we can achieve that. This is the basic financial need that Filipinos have not been paying attention to these past few years, and with the pandemic bringing into focus the importance of protection, we want to make sure we are offering them the best and complete suite of products to meet that need. By making sure that we have the right products, we go a long way in helping our customers live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives.”

Know more about AIA Health Cover and AIA Philam Life’s protection products by visiting the AIA Philam Life website at, Facebook page at, email or call (02)8528-2000.

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