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SkinWhite Shopee Grand Launch until Feb 21 – Deals up to 40% off and Free Shipping!

When it comes to whitening products, SkinWhite stands out because one factor is its Instant White Formula which whitens skin upon application. The products work instantly due to their Advanced Tripower Technology that safely attacks the 3 stages of melanin reduction and helps achieve your whitest white skin with continuous use. This is a proven fact because I have already tried and used SkinWhite just to see if the brand is true to its promise. Yep, it’s effective alright, and love that I get the moisture booster especially on dry or cold days.

SkinWhite Shopee Grand Launch

If you’re set to have whiter and well-moisturized skin, I suggest starting your skin care regimen with this SkinWhite PowerWhitening line. Its Advanced Tripower technology will help whiten your skin as fast
as 7 days. I’m telling you, this is one brand to believe when they say in just 7 days!

SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Lotion

SkinWhite Shopee Grand Launch

Aside from the InstantWhite Formula that can get your white back in an instant, this lotion has SPF 20 sun protection and is gentle to use every day.

SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Soap

SkinWhite Shopee Grand Launch

This SkinWhite PowerWhitening Soap not only gives you whitening power in as fast as 5 days but also has antibacterial formula plus gentle and safe to use even on your sensitive face!

SkinWhite Deo Advanced Power Whitening

SkinWhite Shopee Grand Launch

If you are aiming for whiter underarms, you should try this SkinWhite Deo that promises to give you results as early as 7 days while regulating perspiration and body odor.

SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Facial Cleanser

SkinWhite Shopee Grand Launch

It’s a facial cleanser/toner and works best if you initially cleanse your face with the power whitening soap.

The Bioprotectant formula effectively whitens and offers antioxidant protection against UVA and UVB induced inflammation. It’s non-drying, can remove and prevent pimples, giving you a whiter, smoother and blemish-free complexion.

SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Face Cream Powder

SkinWhite Shopee Grand Launch

The SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Face Cream Powder is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to use foundation or sticky BB creams.

It works in 3 ways – a whitener, a moisturizer that transforms into a light matte powder! It also blocks UV rays with SPF12, suppresses melanin production, and prevents skin darkening.

If you are just starting or want to switch your skincare regimen with affordable and effective whitening products, I suggest you get the whole SkinWhite PowerWhitening line. I know I always say this, but I find it more effective if I’m using the same brand line. Also, be wary that there are brands that can’t be used with another skincare brand because it might have some unwanted reactions with some ingredients.

SkinWhite MoistureWhite

SkinWhite Shopee Grand Launch

These SkinWhite MoistureWhite classics have Hyaluronic Acid, a Moisture Magnet that attracts and retains water to leave the skin softer and smoother.

The SkinWhite Classic Moisture White Lotion can also protect you from the harmful rays of the sun with various SPFs depending on the size.

The SkinWhite Whitening Soap Classic Moisture White can give you whiter and clearer skin in just 2 weeks and safe to use for the face and body.

For a more detailed review on this line, you may want to read my SkinWhite MoistureWhite review.

SkinWhite is having a Grand Launch Sale on Shopee and you can enjoy up to 40% off and free shipping until Feb. 21 only!

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