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Career Freedom Is Within Your Reach

What would you do for a job if your money was no object? Would it be the same as what you do for a wage now? For most of us, the answer is probably not, but our obligations and responsibilities keep pulling us back to our current jobs. However, what if I was to tell you that you could make steps towards career freedom? To do a job that fits better with your life and fills you with energy rather than draining you? You can even find some useful advice on this topic in the post below. 

Consider your purpose. 

The first step to true carer freedom is seeking out your purpose in life. Of course, this can be a tough one, because few of us ever get that ‘aha moment’ feeling when picking our career. 

However, some activities can help you here, such as completing the Japanese Ikigai Venn diagram. This is because it combines several factors, such as what you love to do and what you can get paid for, and what your current profession is to help you find your life’s purpose. Something that can be hugely useful in directing your search towards a more freeing career choice. 

Lower your expenses.  

Because the jobs we do are the chief way we earn a living, we cannot just give up what we are doing to pursue greater career freedom. Unless we can reduce our need for money by cutting our living expenses, that is.  

One of the best ways to cut our living expenses is to get out of debt, as the fees we are required to pay can be one of the highest costs we need to cover. The good news is that you can follow programs like this Debt to Success System to help you clear your debt, putting you in a much more stable financial position and allowing you to move towards a more fulfilling and freeing career option. 

There are other methods to reduce the cost of your living expenses as well, including planning your meals, batch cooking being more economical with fuel usage. You may even wish to consider downsizing your home as this can provide cheaper rent or mortgage payments, as well as cost less than a  larger property to run.

Find a job you can do from home. 

You can also achieve more career freedom to find a job that you can do from your very own home and, if possible, where you can be your own boss. After all, when all the work you do will add funds to your own pocket, it is much more freeing and motivating than working hard to provide profit for someone else. 

Additionally, by picking a job you can do from home, you will have much more control over your working day, schedule, and work-life balance. This is because you can choose what tasks to prioritize and when to take a break without having your supervisor breathing down your next. Something that many people find enormously freeing when it comes to their careers.  

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  1. Lyka Mitra says:

    Para magkatotoo po ito na nasa bahay ka lang at ikaw ang boss eh magkaroon ng sariling business po talaga.. 🖒

  2. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Ito yung pinangarap ng mga tao na ikaw mismo ang boss sa sarili mong trabaho mapapasana all kana lang lang t

  3. MA D EL says:

    Sana nga PO talaga makakita ng work from home tapos ikaw pa ang boss,sarap buhay

  4. Joann Go says:

    Thanks for these tips. Big help for struggling, juggling women like me.

  5. Switzel Barcoma says:

    Agree ako diyan mamu , mas maganda talaga na yong pipiliin ng isang ina ay work from home na trabaho para kahit nag tratrabahho at the same time naaasikaso din yong family at komportable ka working environment mo.

  6. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Ito talaga mga gusto ng lahat na ikaw mismo ang boss sa sarili mong trabaho mapapasana all kana lang talaga

  7. yes mamu, marami na ring mga opportunity ngayon na sa bahay ay pwedeng kumita at makatulong sa mga financial problem. Siguro sa umpisa manganapa pa kung accurate ba sa skills and sa oras na availability.

  8. Queenie Faye Cabante says:

    Thank you for this wonderful tips and advice! It was really great to read this some article about career freedom we are always free to choose what we want to be in our future. But, it will always comes with a great responsibility to whatever choice we had.

  9. Lyka Mitra says:

    Agree po ako dito sa mga nasabi dito.. nasa sa atin po talaga kung paano magkakaroon ng career freedom.. nasa tamang pagpili ng trabahong nasa bahay lang at pagiging masinop sa pera..

  10. Jeng Manalo says:

    Nagkalat din nag ibat ibang work from home,mas maganda naman kasi talaga na sa loob ng bahay at ikaw ang boss,comfortable pa sa feeling ng pamilya habang kumikita

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