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Viviamo #YouGotThis Online Summit

With everything that’s been going on lately surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, it feels as though we haven’t been given enough time to prepare or process the drastic changes that have been happening in our lives. Given these negative events happening around us, our bodies might be responding to them in three possible ways: suppress feelings associated with the event, don’t actively process the emotions of the situation; or allow the experience to be the sole focus of our life.

“When you’re falling into any of these common responses, and find it hard to freely express your emotions with someone else, then a method that might probably work for you is journal therapy,” advises Darlyn Ty-Nilo, founder and president of Viviamo Inc.–the custom publishing company behind Belle de Jour Power Planner.


This method entails writing down your thoughts and emotions in your journal with the intent of processing them without any judgment from and of yourself and your emotions. This then becomes a powerful journey to self-healing.

With journal therapy, the left part of the brain becomes active, allowing you to be more creative in expressing your ideas. The more you pick up the habit of writing, the more you feel freer from the emotions you have bottling up. Doing so might even give you clarity and understanding of the negative events you have experienced. 

Additionally, journal therapy can be highly beneficial to one’s physical and mental wellbeing:

It reduces stress. Journaling is an effective stress-management tool because it helps you prioritize your problems, fears and concerns. It can also track your day-to-day emotions, and recognize your negative triggers and learn how to better control them.

Keeps the mind active and memory sharp. Journaling can help your brain stay in tip-top shape. It helps improve your cognitive functions by boosting comprehension and increasing one’s memory capacity. As you reconnect with yourself, you are also keeping your brain engaged at all times. 

Strengthen emotional functions. Journaling can be a cathartic experience for writers. It allows them to express their emotions, helping the brain regulate emotions. Journaling also gives the writers a sense of mindfulness, remaining present while gaining perspective.

Immortalizes your past. Expressive writing ensures your past is not forgotten. Whether it’s a negative or positive memory, writing them down will keep the mental imagery clear for many years to come, which can have a positive impact on your long-term memory. Immortalizing your past through journaling will most likely aid in your future rather than hinder it.

Improves overall physical health. Studies show that writing for therapy has positive effects on people with asthma, liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pelvic pain, and even cancer. It also improves the immune system and speeds up wound healing.

Journaling is a very enriching habit anyone can pick up. But to make it even more fun, insightful, and meaningful for you, let Viviamo! Inc. guide you through the whole process as it holds its first-ever planning and journaling summit in the Philippines, for FREE, entitled #YouGotThis happening on September 19 and 20.  Simultaneously, Viviamo! Inc. will release its 2021 products online via

Viviamo Online Summit

“This online summit idea came into existence when our community members shared a common sentiment on being unsure about using their planner or journal when everything is so uncertain,” adds Dar Ty-Nilo. “Our goal is to help our community members journey out of this pandemic stronger and better; and see the value of journaling in managing emotions and navigating through their days, and help them power through during these uncertain times.”

The #YouGotThis summit will feature three (3) panel discussions and seven (7) individual talks featuring esteemed keynote speakers who will share meaningful insights and personal experiences on how journaling has helped them, including content creators Macoy Dubs and Cat Triviño, brand and content strategist Victoria Herrera, global design director duo Katwo and Nico Puertollano, creative entrepreneur Alessa Lanot, globally accredited coach and mentor Pia Acevedo, and vision board coach Trixie Esguerra. Participants not only get to enjoy fun games, win prizes, and score purchase discounts, they will also be given the chance to have an engaging Q&A with the speakers.

The seminar will be streamed live from 10AM to 6PM on BDJ Power Planner’s official Facebook page (, Crazy About Paper’s Facebook page ( and You Got This via

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  1. MA D EL says:

    Very helpful Po pala itong Journal therapy,andami pong benefits sa ating physical and mental well being.

    1. yes, kasi alam mong ikaw lang ang makakabasa eh, so all out ka sa diary/journal.

  2. sosingerica says:

    Wow nice po etong journal therapy because it make our brain active. And become more creative in expressing our ideas. It reduces stress, it makes our memory sharp, immortalizes our past, strengthens emotional function and improves overall physical health. Kudos Viviamo Inc. Bigatin po mga coaches and mentor.😊

  3. David SancheznietteAnto says:

    Journey therapy bago lang po ito sakin dahil ako po talaga magkimkim lang ng sama ng loob pero sususbukan ko po ito para lalo gumaan kalooban ko

  4. WoW! That’s is great to know about this Journal Therapy 👍👍Thanks for sharing this mamu this a nice and very helpful to all of Us 😍😘

  5. Chan Jen Clemente says:

    ayos to mamu. it’ll help us keep our sanity. lalo na ngayon na new norrmal, mahirap pa magadjust . karamihan sa atin hindinpa rin nakakabalik sa trabaho. stressed sa dami ng bills, rents. mahalaga itong journal theraphy. brain exercise na din po. nung higjschool ganito din ginagawa natin sa likod ng mga notebooks natin. hehehe lalo na kapag pagod na school.

  6. gaberiellecee says:

    Ang ganda talaga kapag merong journal, in some way for me ill find it relaxing, yung masusulat mo kung ano yung nararamdaman at naiisip mo,pwede ring mga untold secrets and stories,, kaya its a different kind of feeling kapag meron journal.

  7. Chan Jen Clemente says:

    very helpful ito mamu lalo na ngayo g pandemic karamihan nasa bahay. it will keep us sane. maeenhance pa ang ating memory and mental health. nakaka release din ng tension sa brain ang pagsusulat.

  8. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Ang ganda naman ng journal theraphy na to . Gustong gusto ko talaga ang pagsusulat, elementary pa lang ako lagi akong may naka separate na notebook para sa mga gusto kong isulat.. hanggang ngayon naman , nkapuno na ako ng 3 notebooks simula nung nag kaanak ako 😁

  9. I love these benifits very helpful namu 👍😍❤

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