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Has Lockdown Truly Liberated the Breasts?

We, Pinays, are used to wearing bras whenever we go out. It’s a must and an unwritten rule for women. But once we are home, we take it off and I’m sure, you feel relieved, hahaha. The feeling of freeing our breasts after a long day is an unspoken relief. The Community Quarantine has given women the perfect opportunity to liberate the breasts.

I’m very much guilty of not wearing a bra at home since this quarantine started. My notion, why must I? I’m just at home! And yeah, I admit too, that in one or two Zoom meetings, I wasn’t wearing a bra. Well, they can only see up to my neck, so I just wore a decent t-shirt and steadied my camera on my face hahaha. But, I actually feel something’s missing whenever I dress up for a meeting. So, I started wearing one and not worried anymore if the camera is in full view of my upper body.

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I have observed though that I’m slouching again especially when doing online work on my desktop. I’m back to bad posture and I’m overweight, so that’s really a bad combination. I’ve noticed too, that while wearing a bra, there’s a kind of back support. Plus, honestly loving my cleavage and I don’t want my breasts to sag.

But, do you think that you have truly liberated your boobies by not wearing a bra during the quarantine period? Aren’t you worried about repercussions?

Let’s read it from other women’s point of view:

“I went bra-less for the first week”, confessed Maria R, 36, a Marketing Executive in a local consumer goods company. “In our company Zoom meetings, I would angle the camera upwards not to show my chest. I would go the entire day without a bra and even do household chores and light exercise bra-less”.  “However, I went back to wearing a bra because I realized I was actually more comfortable wearing one. It actually felt like I had more energy throughout the day”, remarked Maria. Studies have shown, especially for larger busted women, that the bras’ shoulder straps and the back panel provide support, help correct posture and reduce strain on the body. 

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Luisa M, 48, a Lawyer, and her daughter Krista, 20, a Junior in college, went shopping immediately after the lockdown restriction eased. Spending during a pandemic may seem superficial but according to Luisa, it was essential. “Being a bit bored at home, I resorted to eating more than I usually do and put on some pounds. Our first stop was the underwear store where we got fitted for new bras”. Breasts don’t have any support except for skin and Cooper’s ligaments around the breast. Most experts agree that bras preserve both the skin and the ligaments to prevent breast sag. “My daughter is blessed with nice breasts and I don’t want her breasts to droop while she’s still young”, remarked Luisa. “And as for me, I like to keep my shape.”

Psychologists understand that mental health is closely associated with physical health. Liking how you physically look equates to feeling good emotionally.  “I am so done wearing loungewear”, laughs Caroline, a PR Executive and owner of her own consultancy. “This whole lockdown just made me feel horrible mentally. I’m used to dressing sharply because of my social schedule, but locking down stopped that.  I realized one day I just wasn’t feeling feminine and it was irritating me. I felt like a sack of potatoes. So, now, even while at home, I put on makeup and wear a bra just as I would every day before the quarantine simply because it makes me feel like a woman.”

Wacoal, the popular Japanese underwear brand who has been in the Philippines for 30 years has actually seen women show up in their store sales immediately after lockdown ease, according to Ms. Elmira Cadungog, Wacoal’s Marketing Manager. “Women come in and pick up new bras when ECQ was lowered to GCQ”  

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And what styles of bras have been selling the best?  “Our Comfort-Fit collection has shown the most growth and our Gococi line is the best-selling within that range. Believe it or not, our Lace Collection has also shown an uptick. Perhaps there’s more sexy time being locked at home?” smirked Ms. Elmira.

Reports from the US and the UK show the same trend, that bra and underwear sales have actually gone up during lockdown. Whether it’s supported or just to feel feminine, it seems like more women are choosing to wear bras during the period when they have the opportunity to go bra-less. “You’ve heard this before, says Ms. Elmira. ”If the bra fits perfectly, you will feel like you aren’t wearing one at all, you just have to find the best brand that will give you the best feeling and support that your breast needs.”

Wacoal Philippines “Why should we wear bras at home?”

There will be a live session this coming September 26th at 5 PM entitled – Girl Talk with Vern and Verniece: “Why should we wear bras at home?” and Hosted by Philippine Wacoal Corporation. Hope you girlies can join us and learn more on the topic. See you there!

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  1. Lyka Mitra says:

    Ako po aminado ako na bra less din po ako ngaun dito sa bahay siguro mga ilang weeks na rin po.. 🖒 parang naging komportable na po kaso nung nabasa ko po ito may mga pros din naman po talaga ng naka bra kahit andito lang sa baha siguro kapag matutulog na lang po talaga siya tanggalin.. 🖒 at magandang brand po talaga si Wacoal.. nakikita ko po sa mall ito at talagang ang ganda ng qualit po at ng design ng kanilang underwears.. ❤❤❤

    1. yan na nga din nasabe ko eh hahaha.. pag matutulog saka ko na lang hubarin..
      yes, magandang brand si Wacoal.. sa totoo lang, may wacoal bra ako na maayos pa pero kasing age na ni Zee (13yrs) hahaha

      1. Marlyn Loveranes says:

        Guilty ako sa pagiging bra less lagi lang kasi nasa bahay.pero now na may health benefits pala ang pagsusuot ng bra.umpisahan ko na ulit magsuot kahi nasa bahay lang

  2. jelhocabtalansanchez says:

    Naku po!! Eto siguro ang isang dahilan ng pagsakit ng aking likod Lalo na sa bandang balikat. Since nanganak po ako hangang ngayong 8 months na si baby pag pupunta Lang ako ng market magbabra, Breastfeeding po Kasi ako Since birth ni baby. Parang ang sarap Kasi sa feeling at napakacomportable. Mali pala ako, Salamat at naliwanagan ako. Thanks po. Magandang brand po si Wacoal, na try ko na po at ang sarap pag suot na. Napakacomportable at magugustuhan mg lahat ang design.

  3. sosingerica says:

    Guilty rin po ako dito mommy kasi never po tlaga akong nag bra kapag nasa bahay Lang po kasi feeling ko po mainit at Mas comfortable po kumilos pag walang bra. And now I know, na need pa rin po tlaga tayo mag bra kahit nasa bahay Lang po to look more presentable and more comfortable. Para may dating pa rin po tayo at feeling beautiful all day.😍☺️ Super nice po tlaga etong Wacoal brand mamu worth it po Yun price nya kasi po good quality po tlaga sya. Super fit in all sizes or cups. 😍☺️

  4. Hindi po talaga ako nagbbra kasi nasa bahay lang naman po ako araw araw as full time mom. At hassle free pag magpapadede ako sa baby ko. May mga disadvantages pala ang di pagsusuot ng bra like sa posture natin. Now I know po😊. Thankyou Wacoal and Mamu.

    1. ayan now alam na natin hahaha

      1. MA D EL says:

        Now ko lang po nalaman kailangan din pala talaga natin magsuot Ng bra kahit NASA bahay, breastfeeding po kasi ako kaya nakasanayan ko na po talagang bra less sa bahay.

      2. Elleen Lopez Blas says:

        Ako kahit nasa bahay lang hindi talaga nagtatangga ng bra. Kaya kahit sa edad ko ngayon hindi naman sag ang boobies ko. Ang gaganda ng bra ng Wacoal mamu mukhang comfy isuot.

  5. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Ako talaga mamu simula nung nanganak dito sa pangalawa ko minsan na lang talaga magbra, haha pag aalis lang.. kasi sabi ko aanhin ko ung bra kung maya maya naman ako nagpapabreastfeed.. nakakasagabal lang haha.. pero ganun pala yun may bad effect din pala..kaya pla naka slouch na din ako ,very bad posture na…

    1. yes po. lalo na if breastfeeding, dapat talaga may support..

  6. Super guilty here mamu mula nag start ang quarantine bra’s less na ako sa bahay dahil nasanay na nga ako kaya may time na nagpicture ako para sa prize ko na upload ko na tsaka ko na realize na bakat pala ang nipples ko sa picture hahaha kaya thankful ako sa post mo na dapat pala talaga sa night lang tayo bra’s less.. super agree naman ako na magandang brand ang wacoal naging promo girl ako noon kahit medyo pricey worth it gamitin..

    1. OMG hahaha kaloka ka.. true yan with wacoal, kahit isang dekada na buhay pa din yung mga old bra ko hahaha.. pambahay na nga lang

  7. David SancheznietteAnto says:

    Ako mamu simula nag kaanak talaga hindi ako nag babra pag andito ako sa bahay at pag aalis dun lang ako mag susuot pero talagang may benefits pala ang pag suot nito kaya baka sa gabi nalang ako mag tanggal salamat sa pag share nito mamu

    1. ako din nga ganyan na ang gagawin 🙂

  8. Chan Jen Clemente says:

    me too mamu. palagi din ako braless mula ng naglockdown. magbra lang ako if needed. guilty. kaya siguro palagi masakit likod ko. from now, magbra na ako kahit sa house. observe ko. baka nga ganon reason eh. thanks for this mamu.

    1. alamo true yan, kc nawawala na yung correct posture natin, so yung back natin ang nagsuffer. Pag naka-bra, at least may support and hindi tayo mag-slouch

  9. Sara Llamas says:

    I want to laugh kasi I’m very guilty, but after reading your blog content it made me think na importante pala talaga kahit na di ka sanay to wear a bra at home especially sa gaya ko na fulltime mom. Kaya pla medyo nag sag ang breast ko and drop kahit na noon na wala pa kong anak. So women should wear bra regardless kahit nasa bahay lang pala kasi it helps to correct your posture. Siguro need lang natin humanap ng bra na match satin wherein comfortable tayo. Mine is wireless bra.I think? Wacoal is a trusted brand na. I have one too gift sakin nung 2018 ng BESHIE ko. Thanks for sharing this. This is a big help!

    1. tama sis, dapat comfortable and swak ang bra natin. Late ko na din nalaman na dapat pala yung comfort fit sa boobbies natin para maximum support.

  10. jennifer s. cruz says:

    ako po i tried not wearing pero di po ako komportable na aawkward po ako,mas sanay ako na may bra mas nakakakilos po ako ng maayos at mabilis.Siguro po sanayan lang talag at feeling ko po mas need ko mg bra kasi kasi medyo malki breast ko tapos may pagkaukot po ako.

    1. wow, very good 🙂 Tama daw yan 🙂

  11. Rosebel S. De Vera says:

    Thanks for sharing po mamu.. pero ewn q b mas komportable me kpag wla bra..

  12. yanpaladquisol says:

    Bihira Lang din ako mag bra pag lalabas lang, pag tinamad pa nakatakip Lang Ng towel. .Kaya pag may biglaang bisita ayun mamadaling magsuot… Ginagamit ko Yung mga non-wire na bra Kasi mas comfortable… Ang ganda pala Ng wacoal na bra comfy ganda pa Ng design at quality ❤️

    1. pareho tayo ganyan din takip ng towel haha.. yes, halos puro wacoal ang bra ko.

      1. Elleen Lopez Blas says:

        Ang gaganda pala ng brassiere ng Wacoal mukhang comfy. Hindi ako magtatanggal ng bra kahit nasa bahay lang ayaw kasi ni hubby lalo na kung lalabas ng bahay.

  13. Elleen Lopez Blas says:

    Ay hindi ako magtatanggal ng bra kahit nasa bahay lang mamu, ayaw ni hubby na walang bra lalo na kung lalabas hinuhubad ko lang kapag matutulog na para komportable.

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