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Mapúa University Helps Mommy Bloggers Tackle Teenagers Well-Being in the New Normal of Learning

The pandemic has brought about a lot of disorders and changes in our lives. Education for one has been disrupted in the last quarter of 2019-2020’s school year. Now, children are being ushered into the new normal of online learning and parents alike are in for a huge change.

What’s great is that schools stepped up and held and are still holding webinars or online seminars for parents to aid us into the new normal of learning. Our children need their parents’ help and guidance because this is something new for most of us.

Mapúa University, the Philippines’ premier engineering and technological university, recently held a webinar for mommy bloggers. It was very informative and helpful to a parent like me, so we can adjust or adapt to the new ways of learning.

Mapua Webinar Online Learning

The webinar entitled, “Nourishing Your Teenager’s Well-Being in the New Normal of Learning,” discussed topics ranging from assessing Filipino students’ readiness for online learning, mental and emotional challenges during online learning, nourishing the students’ well-being to adapt to the new normal of learning, as well as Mapúa’s Center for Guidance and Counseling (CGC) programs in enhancing the well-being of students.

The University invited four speakers from its academe to help the parents play a bigger and better role during their children’s online learning journey.

Dr. Edward Jay M. Quinto, an associate professor at the Mapúa’s School of Social Sciences and Education, talked about self-regulation and self-regulated learning, and how these are connected to students’ behavior and performance in online education.

Mapúa University Helps Mommy Bloggers Tackle Teenagers Well-Being in the New Normal of Learning

He explained that self-regulated learning is multicomponent and that these components include goal setting, environmental structuring, time management, task strategies, help-seeking, and self-evaluation.

“As we usher students in online learning, they bring with them varying levels of readiness, but we ensure that no one is left behind,” Quinto said.

Dr. Jonathan V. Macayan, the dean of the School of Social Sciences and Education, shared the results of a compassion survey conducted among students, assessing the impact of the pandemic on students’ mental and emotional state and provided insights on intervention techniques that can be used both by parents and educators in their engagement with young individuals.

He pointed out that the responsibilities of the school in addressing the mental and emotional well-being of students include the design and implementation of academic and school policies that are sensitive to and supportive of the mental health and well-being of students, the development of a school–parent collaboration system that will aim to monitor and ensure students’ well-being in online learning, as well as the development and implementation of necessary student support services.

Mapúa University Helps Mommy Bloggers Tackle Teenagers Well-Being in the New Normal of Learning

“It’s more than just simply a strategy; it has to be genuine. Your intention to humanize your interventions with students must be genuine,” Macayan said.

The third speaker is the University’s program chair for Behavioral and Human Science, Prof. Jasmine Nadja J. Pinugu, who points out that fostering resilience is critical to a teenager’s well-being during difficult times.

She said that the key to nourishing students’ well-being is by fostering resilience, and one can do this by maintaining a positive self-regard for themselves, teaching them life skills such as positive coping and problem-solving skills, enabling them to have a sense of purpose and agency, maintaining positive social connections, as well as emotional regulation.

“At this time of pandemic, there should be stronger collaboration between the students, parents, and the teachers,” Pinugu said.

Mapua University

Arlene V. Clarete-Macatuggal, Mapúa’s director for student advising and counseling, shared how the University has been responding to the needs of its students while learning in an online environment.

She explained that Mapúa CGC offers various services for its students to help them cope with the new normal. These services include counseling, coordinating, appraising, and consulting services.

“We just don’t wait for students to come to us, but we schedule them for counseling through Blackboard or [Facebook Messenger] to help them with their needs,” Macatuggal said.

An open and lively discussion was held for the mommy bloggers in attendance after each topic, wherein their burning questions and concerns were readily addressed by the four speakers. Through the webinar, Mapúa University aims to best equip parents with the tools needed to help their children have a productive, engaging, and safe learning experience remotely. It is imperative that parents, students, and the academe work together to provide a seamless academic experience for children via the online learning journey.

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  1. Lyka Mitra says:

    Ang galing naman ni Mapua nagbigay sila ng mga counselling at mga advises sa mga parents para sa new normal ng pag aaral ng mga bata ngaun..

  2. merrynell serrano says:

    Bilang magulang nakaalalay ako sa anak ko , para kahit nandto lang sa bahay bonding na din namin ang home study❤👍

  3. sosingerica says:

    This is such a big help mamu to enlighten students and parents about this new normal learnings. Mahirap po talaga Yun pag aaral this school year at this time of pandemic. But with the help and cooperation of the parents, students and teachers magiging maayos po eto.

  4. Jeanalyn Arador says:

    Sa totoo madami pa takagang parent ang hindi pa handa sa online schooling. Buti na lang may mga ganitong webinar para maturuan ang ang nakararami sa mga dapat gawin at isaalang alang. Malaking tulong satin to.

  5. Jeng Manalo says:

    In this new Normal big challenges and adjustment for us parents and students, most for those who will do this for the very first time.Thanks for this webinar , really enlighten is parents, big help and new learnings

  6. JoeveLyn Mendoza Sayong says:

    Very timely ang topic. It is a helpful article especially sa mga parents na may teenagers. Mahirap talaga sumabay sa online learning but i hope everyone will look for a way to continue the education.

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