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Kid-Friendly Methods for Getting Rid of Ants in Your House

Anyone who’s ever dealt with ants in the home knows that it can be difficult to get rid of an ant infestation. However, there are many methods of getting rid of ants that might not be safe for your kids. An exterminator may require that you leave the home for the whole day, which might not be feasible for you. Before you call in an exterminator, consider these methods of handling ants in the house that may be a bit more kid-friendly.

Seal Food in Airtight Containers

Many ants come into the home because they find food inside. Remember, ants are like any other living thing — they require food to continue to live. If you can remove the food source from your home, you’re much more likely to have ants stop coming into your home. Secondary airtight containers can be a great way to limit food access, and it’s a great way to keep kids out of the cookie jar as well.

Wipe Down Kitchen Counters After Use

Once you use your kitchen counter, you should wipe it down. That includes using the kitchen counter when it doesn’t look dirty. Ants are great at finding little tiny crumbs and bits of food, which is exactly what you’re leaving when you clear everything off the counter and don’t wipe it down. Instead, teach your kids to wipe down your kitchen counters thoroughly and make sure those crumbs are gone.

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Empty Trash Frequently

The trash is a great place for ants to find food and water. Plus, as food breaks down, it’s likely to become more pungent, which can lead to ants finding the trash and wanting to infest it. When you teach your kids to empty the trash on a regular basis, you’re not only teaching them great habits for when they move out; you’re also making sure your home doesn’t end up with an ant problem.

Use Vinegar Wherever You See Ants

If you notice that ants regularly go through a certain area, like a specific part of your kitchen or section of the counter, you may want to use a paper towel with some vinegar to wipe down that area. Its pungent smell can keep ants away, and if you’re lucky, they may decide to leave entirely. Plus, because it’s just vinegar, it’s something that won’t harm your kids if they pick it up on their skin or clothes.

Stack Firewood at Least 20 Feet Away From Your Home

If your home utilizes firewood, it may be tempting to stack the firewood right by your home so you can more easily bring it inside. However, it’s a much better idea to stack firewood well away from the home. Not only does this help keep ants from invading the firewood and moving to your home, but it also provides less of a chance for kids to use the firewood stack as a great place to play.

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Repair Cracked Pavement and Foundations

Do you have issues with cracked concrete in and around your home? Even though it may not strike you as a very serious problem, it’s actually a problem you may want to put some serious time and energy into fixing. The cracked pavement in your home can be indicative of a much more serious structural problem, and ants can burrow underneath the concrete and through the cracks into your home. It’s also common for kids to trip and fall over these areas.


Ants definitely aren’t something anyone wants to deal with, and in some situations, you may just need to call an exterminator. However, these tips and tricks can be a great way to not only get rid of a current infestation but also to prevent future infestation. Prevention is always better than trying to fix a problem that’s always occurred, and these methods of clearing ants are a clear indication of that.

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