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7 Adorable Hairstyles for Short Hair

Think only girls with long locks get to have fun with styling? Think again. Surprisingly, there are lots of options when it comes to styling short hair. You can experiment with trending hairstyles, incorporate accessories, and play around with texture using sprays and dry shampoos.

Give your short hair a boost by trying out any of these hairstyles the next time you’re going out on a date or attending an event.

The Classic Ear Tuck

You probably already tuck your hair behind the ears to keep wayward strands in place, but there are ways you can make this hairstyle much trendier.

Part your hair its usual way, sweep one side to one ear, then apply some smoothing serum. Let the other side fall freely by spritzing on texturizing spray. Finish with a jeweled barrette or statement earrings.

Pair this with glowing skin and full brows for a relaxed, cool-girl image. 

The Sleek Wet Look

Try this hairstyle if you want a stepped-out-of-the-shower or just-got-out-of-the-pool look. Start with damp, not wet hair, then apply a generous dollop of strong-hold gel all over.

Use a fine-toothed comb to brush the hair from root to tip. Tousle the middle and end part of the hair to soften your overall look. Use hairspray to lock in the style in place.

Pair this with dewy-fresh skin, a smoky eye, and glossy lips to achieve a cool rock chick vibe that channels Kim Kardashian or the Hadid sisters.

The Slicked Down Pixie

Brush the front pieces of your hair backwards for added volume. Warm up some old-fashioned pomade in your palms and slick it all over your hair. 

Hairstyles for Short Hair

This edgy hairstyle will keep your locks out of your face and is best paired with monochrome makeup for a minimalist yet stylish look.

The Voluminous Beach Waves

Beach wave hair is not exclusive to girls with long hair. Short-haired gals can easily cop this look with a flat iron. Separate your hair into sections, then roll the flat iron forward and backward to create the curls. Mist some sea salt or texturizing spray to add volume.

This hairstyle can still be achieved even if you don’t want to use any heat styling tools. When doing your nighttime rituals, smooth curling cream into your hair, twist strands into small sections, and secure with bobby pins. Go to sleep, unravel the twists in the morning, and watch them curl into beachy waves.

Minimal makeup is best for this hairstyle, so apply a dewy highlighter and slick on a glossy nude lip color for a sunkissed look.

The Nostalgic Feathered Hair

Feathered hair was all the rage in the 70s and 80s, and is called as such due to its resemblance to the overlapping feathers of a bird.

It’s easy to achieve this retro look if you already have layers and bangs in your hair. Start by brushing your hair and separating it into sections.

Use a curling iron and wrap a section of it away from your face to create the feathered look. Don’t forget to curl the bangs as well. Apply mousse to add body and emphasize the layers. 

Combine this vintage hairstyle with glossy lips, shimmery eyes, and bronzed skin for a Farah Fawcett-inspired look. 

The Elegant Chignon

Want a casual hairstyle, but not too casual? The classic chignon never fails, no matter what the occasion is. Tie your hair up in a low ponytail and secure it with elastic. Create a space between the hair and elastic, then tuck in the ends of your hair in this gap.

Secure the chignon with bobby pins and loosen a couple of strands on both sides of the hair to frame your face.

Pair this hairstyle with smoky eyes and nude lips for a dramatic, no-fuss date night look.

The Volumized Ponytail

This style is best for second- or third-day hair. Spritz some dry shampoo or texturizing spray then tease the hair near the crown. Pull back the portion you just teased and secure with bobby pins. Tie the remaining hair at the bottom into a low ponytail.

Pair this easy hairstyle with a no-makeup look for a day of running errands or shopping for groceries.

Contrary to what you might think, there are no limits with short hair. Start working some of the styles mentioned here into your hair repertoire for fun ways to maximize short locks. And, when you’re ready to switch it up and to add some extra length and volume, just apply for high quality hair extensions.

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  1. Rosette De Leon says:

    We cannot deny that choosing our own haircut that fits the shape of our face is definitely a hard decision for us as we all know that our hair is one of our assets. For me, everytime I go to salon for a haircut I always leave the decision to the salon’s haircutter because I know they have the ability to see if the haircut fits to me. ?

  2. MA D EL says:

    Ang nice Ng mga styles pero mas gusto ko Yung the sleek wet look ❤️

  3. Mommyjeks says:

    I love short hair kaso d bagay saken mamu, lalo na mej chubby ako haha. Baka magmukha akong gasul. Hahaha

    1. naloka naman ako hahaha.. mas bagay nga ang short hair pag chubby 🙂

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    Mas bet q tlga short nkaka presko kc prang ang lamig n pkiramdan q❤️

  7. Gael Martin says:

    Very nice Article i have read

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    Wow maintain ko nga tong short hair ko dami din pwede gawin less hassle pa sa pag aayos, less gatos sa shampoo at tubig

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    I love beach waves hairstyles. It looks so great.

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